Monday Intentions Seven

How do routines work for you guys? For me, Structure and Routine work SO good for me. As much as I like to indulge in living 'in the moment,' by not having a routine, I ALWAYS feel better when I am a little bit more disciplined. I learned that this past week. If you read last Monday Intentions, my whole theme was relaxation, and it was great to let go of routine a bit, and give myself a break. But I majorly realized that it's not really what fulfills me anymore. 

My practice fulfills me, my discipline fulfils me, committing to my purpose and work fulfils me. Back in Guatemala at the retreat I went to, one of the women said "Stop giving up what you REALLY REALLY want, for what you want right now," And this week was a week of giving in to what I wanted right now ( sleeping in a bit, not scheduling any work, etc).  It was fun in it's own way, don't get me wrong, but definitely less fulfilling. A lesson, none the less.  On that note, here are my intentions this week:


Dreamweaving: I have some projects bubbling that I will let you guys know about SOON. This week I will be focussing on the details of how to bring these dreams down into reality, and especially getting out of my own way in order to do so.

Foraging: Yay for wild, medicinal plants! Our little island is FILLED with amazing plants that offer healing for every season. Our Spring plants are popping up, this week I am excited to connect with Ground Ivy, Lungwort, Nettle, Violet and Violet Flower, Magnolia, and Dandelion. I am so excited to see what new plants will present themselves. Follow me on Instagram to keep up. Ill talk about a lot of wild plants in my stories too. 

Garden: It's garden season! It is my third year gardening this year, and I still am so crappy, but love it. There are so many "weeds" in it now, part of me really doesn't care that much about weeds because they are usually wild, medicinal plants that I can use. I definately will tone them down, but just enough so they don't halt the growth of the plants I actually planted. The other day I planted all kinds of sunflowers around my yard, red ones, and yellow. This year for herbs I think I will plant more lemon balm, skullcap, sage, rosemary, parsley, more violet, cornflower and borage.. do you guys have any other suggestions? 

Full Moon Letting Go Ceremony: 2017 has been a huge year. The shedding has not stopped, which is amazing. When I look back at my intentions, I realize this is what I've been calling in. One thing I realize as a diligent manifestor is, when we are calling certain things in, especially the things that seem "out of reach," sometimes we need to let go of certain aspects of ourselves, because what we are calling in, literally can not come through to the person we are as long as we still have this or that certain quality. This full moon I will be doing a little ceremony around letting go of a few of these qualities I have noticed within myself.

Beauty + Presence: I find the more present I become, the more beautiful this world is. When I am present, I am peaceful. By coming into the moment, we can truly embrace life because we aren't missing it, by being in our mind. I LOVE being present. I see flowers differently, I notice shifts in the landscape everyday, I notice how I feel, and then I feel it, I really taste my food. Coming into the sense is so powerful.

Heartspace: It wouldn't be an intention week without mentioning the heart. Our hearts are our power. Love is the real power. Truly. I love using cacao to connect with my heart everyday, but even if you don't have cacao, sending prayers to your heart, praying for your heart, asking spirit to open your heart, or using crystals like Rose Quarts, Emerald and Malachite will help to open up that sacred heartspace.



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Song of the week via Discover Weekly on Spotify ( this is one of my favourite Monday rituals; listening to my new discover weekly playlist. I literally anticipate it.)