Monday Intentions Eight

I'm not going to lie, it's been hard enough showing up for myself, let alone this blog lately. I have been doing Free+Native's Unblocked class, which is basically just Shadow work for the past week, and woah! Is it ever powerful. It has totally taken me down into the depths of myself to see the pain, shame, guilt, and everything else that we don't look at often. Honestly though, I am so happy to be uncovering some of these parts of myself. Whenever I find myself doing the deep shadow work, I always remind myself that ultimately, this is what I pray for. When I say to Spirit that I am here to be the best possible version of myself, the most whole Emily I can be, and work towards that everyday, this means integrating the shadow. This means acknowledging and healing my wounds. So here's to that! Happy Monday everyone, here are my intentions:


Practice: Whenever I go into the darkness, it seems like all my practices are the first to go. Even though during these times, it would be the best time for these practices. For me though, I sometimes drown in the depths, and can quite get a breath of air, lately I've been feeling like a chicken with it's head cut off, trying to find it's head. But this week, the head is found, and it's about picking up the pieces, and getting back on track.

Getting Back on Track: Just what I said above. Getting back into my groove in all ways. Like I said in last weeks intentions about how discipline and routine work well for me, I need that more than ever right now. And I am well aware that my routine is shifting, especially with the longer days, and all the plants coming back. 

Solitude: Being alone is so important this week. There is healing to be done, lessons to be heard, and connections to be made. So this week it's just me, myself and I, as much as I can. 

Gentleness: When things are out of our control, there is no sense in beating ourselves up for it. Though it might be tempting. I am gentle on myself this week. I am gentle for this transformation, this letting go, and this adjustment. 

Strength: I am calling on my inner strength this week. Strength in my own definition; being strong enough to love deeply, to be compassionate with myself and others, to move gracefully from the heart, to see others truth and honour it, and to be soft.

Vulnerability:  This is also a Strength. This week I let go of my pride, I step into my realness, I step into shining my vulnerable heart, my true heart. 

HEART: As always, being guided from my heart. This has proven to be one of my most powerful practices. Tuning into my heart's voice has helped my make some of the harder decisions, and also has given my trust, even when the future is so uncertain. If my heart is speaking, I must listen. 

Pachamamma: Connecting with the land, with the plants, the flowers, the bees and all the animal friends. Mamma Earth has so much medicine for us. 



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Song of the week via Discover Weekly on Spotify. This is a string quartet of four women from Iceland. SO beautiful, and the soft, inward vibe I am tuning into this week.