Monday Intentions Six

Happy Beltane! I am so happy another week has begun! Last week was so busy for me. Here is where and what I will be putting my energy into this week:


Relaxing: After such a big week AND weekend of preparing for the etsy fair, and doing the etsy fair all weekend I am exhausted. So this week I am moving slower, grounding, and going with the flow.

Nature: Part of relaxing means ALOT of time outdoors. This week I will be getting out for a hike everyday if I can. Being outside, and connected with the Earth is such potent medicine for me, and for everyone I think.

Foraging: Medicinal plants are beginning to pop up everywhere. I see baby dandelion greens, coltsfoot, lungwort, ect. The winter is so long here in Canada that I forget howwww good it feels to get out and gather some wild plants to eat/make medicine with. Just the act of gathering is medicine too.

Ceremony: It's MAY, and Beltane! I will be definitely creating a little ceremony to honour today. 

Play: Since this week is all about relaxation, I am also allowing myself to have fun, and play in whichever ways it needs to come out. Most likely lots of photography and dancing. 

Digging Deep: I have a big decision to make in the weeks to come, and I am really digging deep to make sure I find the root of where I would be choosing yes, or no and whether it's from fear, or not. 

Being: Yep. Just Being. Being and Loving that which is. 




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Here is my song of the week from the Discover Weekly playlist on spotify. This is one I will for sure be relaxing to all week.