Showing up for Yourself + Receiving

My intention everytime I get on the yoga mat is "this is me showing up for myself." For the longest time, I would rarely show up for myself. I would do the things that were in my comfort zone, and as for the the things that weren't in my comfort zone I had intricate stories about why I couldn't show up. Just pause for a second, and ask yourself in which ways you wish you could show up for yourself, and then observe the stories (which aren't ultimate truths) you have built around that very thing in order to stop you from beginning. 

Most of us feel more comfortable giving energy (masculine) than receiving energy (feminine).  To begin showing up for ourselves, we need to begin receiving energy even from ourselves. I had an experience the other day where I was having a weird day, I couldn't pin point my feeling, but as I sat with it, I felt this incredible healing energy pouring into me, affirming that everything is ok, and that everything is always ok. I just allowed the energy into me. It basically felt like my guides had all gathered together, to give me healing. And all I could say was "for me, this all for me?" And in that moment I realized my blockage around receiving. It was as if I felt like I didn't deserve such great treatment. How many of us feel like that when someone goes over and above to help us? Do we usually feel like we deserve it? Usually no, but we certainly do, and we also deserve to give that kind of treatment to ourselves. We can do this by showing up for ourselves, in ways that are out of our comfort zone. 

How can you give to yourself this week? Does that translate into RECEIVING a massage, meditating for 10-15 minutes a day, going to yoga, eating the way you deserve to eat, instead of eating only what you think you can afford. Make it something that you have a story around, let the story go, even just for ONE DAY.  As we continue to show up for ourselves, and give to ourselves, we clearly state to the universe what matters, and our lives begin to transform day by day. Once we begin being comfortable receiving, not only are we fuller to give authentically, and more purely to others, but our ability to receive expands. By healing our receiving muscle, we allow all different types of abundance to pour into our lives. I have lived these words, and am watching how my own experiences of showing up for myself ( going to a retreat that I didn't think I could afford, showing up for yoga consistently, dropping some weird eating patterns, trying new things, ect) are constructing a new perspective and most importantly, communicating to the universe and Spirit, what truly matters to me.