Nurturing your Inner Child

Nurturing the inner child could seem like a foreign thing if you have never heard of it before. But with practice, it can be an extremely powerful practice that can heal deep blockages, wounds, and trauma that were most likely creating unhealthy patters for most of your life. 

Everyone has wounds from childhood. Even if you were brought up with the most conscious parents. It is almost un-avoidable, though some child wounds are way, way worse than others. This is a really passionate topic for me, and I think because I have experience how much healing i've encountered by diving into my inner child wounds. 

I will give you an example of mine that happened just last week that I found very interesting. And if it weren't for my knowledge of the subject, I would have been so confused. I was out in the woods with a friend, and we had to cross a river via a snowy tree trunk that was laying across the river. I was so afraid. I froze, and had no clue how I was going to do it. I started getting really emotional, and wanted to blame my friend, as if it was his fault. Even though he told me we didn't have to cross. I wanted to cross though, because deep down, I was like Emily, this is not that hard. Just do it. But I was freaking out, I was so scared, I was crying. I was also very confused why this was happening. Eventually I made it across, and I was drained from the whole experience. I tuned into myself and had an aha moment. I realized that was my inner child that was so afraid. That is why I was feeling so unlike myself. It was almost a traumatic experience, but it felt that way because it was an inner child wound surfacing. So I took sometime to myself and just nurtured that afraid inner child. I let her cry, even ball. She was so scared, and just needed to be seen, and held. By nurturing her, and giving her that space, and also communicating with my friend what was going on, It was so much easier to move on from the whole experience. 

In the past I would have just blamed my friend, and projected my fear onto him, and made him feel dumb for even thinking that I would cross that river. But as we take more responsibility, and become more honest with ourself, we realize how much of our outer projections are just wounds and trauma awaiting to be seen and felt. 

These experiences are not only activated by the external, but they can also be consciously activated by tuning into the inner child. If you specifically know of some inner-child trauma, you can lay down and tune into that, feel it, and see what comes up. Even just allowing yourself to feel it provides healing. 

Look at yourself, and see where your own personal walls are. Question them. Do not define yourself as them. These could be walls built up very early on in your life, from a traumatic experience you don't even remember. Even birth causes us to put up walls. All of this can be reversed and totally 180'd if we nurture that innocent inner child of ours. One thing I like to do is pretend I am my own mother, and give the type of love to my inner child, that I will one day give to my own child. Because in a way, we are our own children. We are the only ones, that are TRULY there for ourselves, so we might as well make that relationship a healthy one, a healing one, and a loving one. Especially by nurturing ALL of the selves that are in us. 


This is a super passionate subject for me, and if you would like to dive deeper with me, I am offering my One on One Sessions at a discounted rate until the end of April.