Monday Intentions Two

Looking back on my intentions of last week I feel fulfilled. MOST of it, I feel I stayed committed to. How about you? Happy Monday, and I invite you to set some weekly intentions with me. Here are mine:


Routine: I am realizing how well I do with routine, and that it keeps me so grounded. As an Aquarian and being self employed, sometimes it can be hard as I like to follow my curiosities everywhere, but I have realized I am 100% more productive, and disciplined when I follow and am diligent with somewhat of a routine. 

Dance: I LOVE to dance, and sometimes I forget to dance, but it is so healing for me, on every level. 

Creative Nourishment: When I find foods that work for my body and are nutrient dense, I will eat similar meals over and over again because they just WORK. But this week I want to stray a little bit from the norm and figure out new and fun ways to get all the nutrients into my body. One thing I think i'm going to do is make a super medicinal salad dressing. ALL of our food can be medicine, so when I say medicinal salad dressing, I Just mean that the whole dressing will be giving back to me; think hemp seeds,  moringa,  flax oil, garlic, ect. Who knows! 

Practice: Staying committed to my spiritual practice: Kundalini, Yoga, Breathwork. Everyday.

Journalling: I journal a little bit each day, but I used to journal so much everyday, and I am feeling called to make that more of a priority this week. I have been going through a lot of realizations and breakthroughs and it would be nice to tract that. Also, sometimes when I write, I find I can understand and see some situations deeper. 

Innocence+Nurturing the Inner Child:  This is something I am working on everyday: Nurturing my inner child. I ran through a field yesterday. I had my music in, and my spirit was like Run Emily, just do it, run and dance. And my rational mind was like why? what if someone is around? .. But I listened to my spirit, and running felt so freeing. Afterwards my Spirit was like take off your shoes... Rational mind was like THERE IS SNOW ON THE GROUND, but I did it anyway, I splashed my bare feet around in the cold watery Earth, and it was the best. Listening to my innocent inner child, having fun, and playing is a major intention of mine. There is no need to take life so seriously. 

Heart Space: You will probably see this on every weekly intention list. I am working on truly living from my heart these days. I am learning to listen from my heart, speak from my heart, feel from the heart, discern with the heart, understand from the heart. As I go deeper into my sacred heart space, the beauty I see in the world has brought my to tears on multiple occasions. Opening, and healing my heartspace has brought my lifes experience to a whole new level of depth, and I am so excited to see where the journey will continue to take me. 

Ceremony:  I had a very powerful experience last week that I need to have a self ceremony around this week. Ceremony is a way of honouring for me. So when something very transformation and important happens, I like to make sure Spirit knows I recognize it via ceremony. In the future I will write a post about the experience. 



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