Monday Intentions Five

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Spring is really here in Eastern Canada and it feels so good! There is greenery popping up everywhere. My heart expands everyday the sun is awake longer. These are the days to really embrace the longer nights. Last week I went for an evening hike around 8 and it was bliss. Here's to another beautiful week full of love. My intentions are:


Productivity and Efficiency: I have a huge fair this weekend that I really have not put enough time and energy into preparing for yet. So that is what this week will be for. 

Action Steps: I realized a few things about myself last week that I need to work on. I am consciously taking action steps to show Spirit and the Universe that I am healing these parts of myself. Like I mentioned in last weeks intentions, baby steps count. 

Nature: It is amazing being an herbalist. But it also means that if I want to gather my medicine at it's prime time, I must frequently be watching the plants and their transformations. As the weather changes, the plants are popping up like crazy. It's SO exciting, a little overwhelming, and it means I need to spend even more time outside. (Which I so, totally cool with.)

Bee School: Haha! It isn't actually called that. But I am taking a Sacred Beekeeping course that is blowing my mind. For the past two days my brain has been high on BEES. They are so sacred, and the ancients honoured them for their power in a way that we really do not (and should.) I am so excited to take care of my own bees in the future. But for now, I will be planting so many flowers for them. 

Trust: Why do we self doubt? It's a huge road block for us. Our own doubt is what keeps us from moving forward. So this week I am intending to just trust myself deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Even if I am trusting something that i've been taught is wrong, or hasn't worked for other. I have realized that I am so inspired by people who are radically themselves. I have also realized that they are radically themselves because they trust themselves. 

Womb Medicine: Being a woman is so sacred. We are ALL sacred, but that fact that women are the portals for souls to come into the physical, is so insanely powerful. I am awakening to this womb power and my own womb power, and actually this is where Bee is coming in to show me. Bees are very connected to the womb, their Hive is a symbol of the womb. So many of us women have been taught that our yoni's and wombs are gross, a burden, ect. But   they are infact that exact opposite. 

Heart-Centred Living: As usual, continuing to be guided through life with my heart. Feeling my way through the questions and uncertainty that arises, and trusting in my deeper purpose and connection. 

Compassion: I am setting the intention to see beyond the surface of people. So many of us judge instantly what we see on the surface. There is always so so much more going on internally. Who are we to make assumptions? I don't want someone to do that to me. So I am really beginning to practice having compassion, to the best of my ability, for those around me.



I would love for us to inspire each other. Comment below or email me at


Ps. If you do not have spotify, you should get it! They come out with an amazing playlist called Discover Weekly that is made specifically to your taste of music. This song came up on my playlist today and is so good. His voice sounds kind of intense at first, but keep listening and you will see what I mean about how good it is. Also, how good is Monday for an awesome new playlist everyweek.  I will be posting a song from mine every week with the intentions from now on.