Fulfillment + Purpose/Life Work as One

Fulfillment is something I am always pondering. What fulfills you? How easily can your fulfillment be 'taken' away via external experiences, ect? And also why is it that we can be doing all the things we are told will fulfill us, but still feel so empty inside. Personally, my answer to that question is Purpose. If we are lacking a sense of purpose, we will never be fulfilled. Fulfillment is the bi-product of feeling that we are supposed to be here, feeling like our work and life serves something greater than merely just ourselves. I think this is why so many of us ask ourselves 'what is my purpose?' Because ultimately this is our highest way of serving life. If we connect and align with our greater purpose in this world, we are not only serving and fulfilling ourselves, but by sharing our purposeful work and not to mention our happiness, that type of energy feeds and heals the world around us. When we embody a deep purpose, there is a feeling of aliveness that awakens within us. Our own aliveness serves as a key to inspiring others to find their aliveness too.  

"I don't believe people are looking

for the meaning of life

as much as they are looking for

the experience of being alive." 

- Joseph Campbell

Now you're probably wondering how to find your purpose? My answer .. It is never just one thing. It will never drop down unto your lap or be an aha moment. Finding and living your purpose takes time, exploration, questioning, letting go, strength, courage, and diligence. It comes when you say yes to yourself, to who and how you really want to be and actually ARE. It takes time, and patience. I will say though, that this time and patience IS YOUR PURPOSE. The whole journey is your purpose, as long as you trust, listen, take initiative. I compare it to a flower, or a plant. If you picture the seed, and the whole journey into a blossoming flower; is the seed less of a plant than the flower? No. It just serves a different purpose at that time in life. Be compassionate with yourself. If you can show the universe how much you trust this phase in your life, instead of doubting the universes divine intelligence, the universe will show you how and why to trust more, by gifting you with fulfillment. All of your life matters. Your work on this planet matters. Your thoughts about life matter. Let go of the doubt, and allow your sacred purpose to blossom at it's own timing. Your body and spirit are intelligent beings as long as we give them the space to work their magic.