Keeping Others Out of Pain (Growth) In order to Not feel Their Pain

Have you ever avoided saying/doing something to someone because their pain would make you feel pain, even if what you had to do/say was your truth? Empaths are major culprits of this. Empaths are people who are highly sensitive and can easily pick up on other people's energy. When these people see someone in pain, it makes them feel pain too. Believe me, I know, because I have been in this situation a few times.

I had an amazing conversation with a good friend yesterday where we touched on this subject. She was mentioning that she was trying to keep her younger sister from feeling heartbreak, because seeing her sister go through heartbreak would hurt herself. Parents are also major culprits of this, especially highly sensitive parents. Parents who baby their children, parents who are super strict, ect. These parents are really only worried about their own pain of seeing their child get hurt, feel pain, learn bigger and harder lessons, and ultimately grow. 

Even breaking up with someone can become a burden because yes, you may love that person, but inside you know they are not the right one for you, but you stay with them because the pain of seeing their heartbreak would hurt you too much. There are a million different cases where we keep other people comfortable and out of pain, to keep ourselves from feeling their pain. 

Keeping someone from going through the harder aspects of life, feeling pain and deep emotions doesn't help them. It actually hinders them. Sometimes even telling someone a hard truth (which is difficult on our own part) is the best possible thing to do for a situation, though it hurts, it will bring so much healing, growth and truth into both lives.

I invite you to ponder on this, and ask yourself if there are any situations where maybe you are keeping someone comfortable because of your own fear of feeling their pain? Contemplate and see if this is the best possible route to take and if/how you could change it. Maybe you are the victim of someone not willing to see you go through pain; If this is you, take an eagles eye view, look at the situation and find a way to take the space, and make the decisions and action plan to work through it, together. 

Awareness is always the first mode of healing.

Happy Weekend!