Reflection and Commitment

If we look back one year ago and observe all the the work we've done, and actually take a moment to see how far we have come, we realize that even though the movement might feel slow when we are IN it, but we are actually making huge growth. This is my experience at least.

Sometimes I forget to stop and reflect and take note on how far i've actually come. If we do not take a break and look at how so many of our past prayers and intentions are coming to fruition, than we will always be seeking more. This has been a practice of mine during the retrograde season. I look back three to six or more months and see how my prayers truly have been answered. I look back and see how much i've changed, matured, what i've let go of, and how far i've come. I reflect on what my intentions were back then, and compare them to my intentions now and see the growth in even my intentions. I am excited to see what the future holds. I have hope and trust in myself and for the future when I look back and see that fruition DOES come, though it just takes time.

We can so easily be discouraged when we don't see instant results and gratification. Letting go of overnight result state of mind has been an empowering and humbling practice of mine. When we give ourselves ONE YEAR to accomplish something, rather than expecting to see results in one week or a month, than we give ourselves the space, patience, compassion and leeway to find our own rhythm. What's the rush anyway? Though we will find that what we are trying to manifest/create/let go of usually won't take a year (though sometimes it takes more), what matters is when we can show Spirit our commitment, rather than trying something for a week/month, not seeing results and quitting. It is the commitment, and persistence that matters to Spirit, and when we can truly show this kind of diligence to Spirit than Spirit becomes our number one support and guide. 

I invite you to take a few moments this week or weekend to reflect on the past year or two. What have you let go of? What major breakthroughs have you had? What blockages have you release? How have you changed? How have you grown?  You will be surprised to see how far you've actually come. I hope this gives you hope. I hope this practice reminds you that the work you do matters, that your intentions matter, and to not give up. Every action has a re-action, but not always instantaneously. Trust that.