Monday Intentions Four

Happy Easter guys! I can not believe we are over half way through April. Where does time go? Here are my intentions for the week:


Pure: I am still on my cleanse. It's for three weeks. This is week two. This week I am focussing on more than just purifying my body, but also my thoughts, and actions. 

Mental Strength: I am working on strength in all areas. Specifically my mental body though. The way I am strengthening my mental body is via working out and kundalini yoga. I observe where sometimes I want to quit, or my mind will try to convince me to not do what I really want to do. Seeing this and not indulging in it has empowered me so much, but it is a practice. All of our bodies; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual are ALL connected. I am just finding how working my physical body is a GREAT way to strengthen my mental body AND my physical body, which then gives me a stronger foundation for emotional and spiritual strength too.

Creativity: My creativity comes through usually in dance. But this week whether its writing, art, or dance, I am intending to let the passion come through more than I have recently. 

Getting Out of My Own Way: More and more I realize how I get in my own way. So I am using trust as a tool to get out of my own way. And usually FEAR is how we get in our own ways. So to sink into the the heart, and trust my intuition rather than questioning out of fear and overthinking is my intention this week. 

Baby Steps: As long as our intentions are pure, and we are taking a little bit of action, thats enough. I am reminding myself this. Things don't happen overnight. Whatever the project or journey is, be ok with where you are. BE where you are, this is the only way of actually moving forward. The commitment, and persistence no matter how long it takes shows so much to the universe. The commitment is actually a HUGE step, if its real.

Presence: This kind of relates to above but REALLY BEing HERE. Here. and Here. and Here. Being present expands my heart in such a beautiful way. By being present I find I can actually experience life, which is one of the reasons I enjoy being on this planet; because I get to LIVE. What does living mean to you?

Sacred Heart Living: LOVE. Everyday tuning into my heart. Training that muscle. Honouring her as one of my biggest teachers, following her guidance and teachings, and using this as another way of getting out of my own way.

Passion and Fire: Passion is a must in my life. If I do not feel the fire burning in my stomach I need to question my past actions. I need passion to motivate me, to excite me, to ignite me. I have found on my journey that my biggest passions come when my work becomes more than myself, when it serves a deeper purpose.

Trust: Always. I use trust as a way to honour my ancestors. As long as my intentions are pure I must trust. If my intentions are pure and I don't trust, I am dishonouring this journey, and my ancestors. Even my life has become more than just me. I sit at my altar and connect with my ancestors, and I become US. This work I do is for us. And since it is more than just me, I know I have that much more support, and find a deeper trust. The deeper I trust, the deeper my ancestors show me reasons TO trust. 




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