Being in the Body

Anyone else feeling April? The Power Path's theme for this month is Intensity, and I definitely feel it. It is not overwhelming, and I think it's because one of my major intentions for April was to make sure I ground, and be very present in my body. 

You could say that my life has been almost overwhelming with the kind of letting go and transformations I've been going through. But one thing I have been reassured and reassured (by myself and my guides) is that it only gets overwhelming if I try to get ahead of myself (aka not being present).  I am an extremely sensitive person, and can easily tune into the energies that life is throwing at us. So when I allow my mind to venture into the future, I tune into the energies that are there, and I am not going to lie, it is very, very energetic. It is only getting more intense guys. So how can we flow with grace, ease, confidence, and ride the waves of the intensity?

Ground. Root. Be in the Body.

What is right here? How am I enough in this moment? What does this body feel like? Do I feel good in this body? Do I feel connected to the land around me? What does the air smell like? Do I love myself? What does a leaf feel like? Have you REALLY smelled a flower lately? Run! Scream! Sink into the earth. What fresh Spring foods am I most excited for? How can I nourish you body more than I ever have, and WHY is that important to ME? 

Being connected to the body is SO much. We are our own sacred babies. How would you take care of a child? Because first and foremost, you are your own child. Would you starve the child? Would you feed the child too much junk food? Would you say cruel things to the child? Would you be compassionate with the child? Understanding with the child? Soft and gentle?  

We need to remember that our bodies are our sacred vessels, and the more we take care of them, by feeling them through rooting with the earth, exercise, eating amazing food, pushing our heart-rate, using our senses, by nurturing and loving them, being gentle, breath work, deep self care and body rituals, we show spirit and ourselves how much we honour LIFE. 

By coming into our senses, we become present. By coming into the body, we don't allow ourselves to reside mainly in the head. The intensity of these times gets overwhelming when we are living mainly from our headspace. Usually if we allow the mind to run the show, we are rarely present. The gift of life is here in the moment; its the ability to be so present that we see the beauty in a gust of wind, a seagull, a stranger, and all the things we never actually notice. This is what brings us back. Down to earth. I truly believe that REALLY Being in the body is like a secret key to higher dimensions.  We do not have to escape to experience this kind of reality. It is all within us. Right here. When we cultivate this type of bodily awareness, we see it everything else too. 

So though the energy is intense, it is also beautiful, sacred, and not to be missed by feeling overwhelmed by it. Feel your feet on the cold spring Earth, and let the beauty intensity seep into your being. This type of intensity is so exciting!