Monday Intentions One

Intention is everything. As I make intention a bigger and bigger part of my daily life, I wanted to create a weekly way of sharing a practice that I feel effects my life in a truly transformative way. So the idea is that every Monday I share my intentions for the week, and in doing so, ill inspire some of you to begin to set intentions for your week. When we set intentions for the day or week, we are giving the universe direction instead of letting it take us wherever it wants to. Intentions are kind of like being in the driver seat, as long as we trust, and commit, and are very honest. Intentions can drastically range from being as simple as " I intend to walk slower on my way to work and breath deeper,".. to "I intend to notice every time a certain emotion comes up, and when it does, I will use my letting go healing technique with it." It doesn't matter. What matters is that we are aware of our intentions behind our actions. And as our intentions become concious,  our actions will become better suited to the way we truly want to live our lives.

So my intentions for the week are:

Heart Space: Ground deeply into living from my sacred heart space. Connect with this everyday.

Self Care in all forms: Eating Amazingly, Listening to my body, Moving my Body (hiking, yoga, dancing), beauty rituals, prayer before meals, ceremony, smudging, having fun, connecting with the ones I love.

Trusting the transition: Ive been going through a very powerful time, and trusting the timing of the whole process keeps me grounded into continuing to cherish and see the beauty before all else. 

Kundalini Yoga: I just began Kundalini Yoga yesterday, and love it. This weeks intention, and an intention for the next 40 days is commit, and be consistent with the meditation. 

Honoring the Ancestors: This is big one for me. I will write a whole post on all of the teachings i'm receiving through acknowledging and honouring my Ancestors. For me, it is much deeper than just my bloodline. I see my Ancestors is all things now, especially the sacred Elements of Mother Earth.

Softness: I have been practicing yoga consistently for almost a month now, and it has been great. In a past post I mentioned how I have had so much resistance to it, and obviously because I needed it. But one thing in yoga they always say when you are in the pose, is soften. Yoga is a reflection of life. Even if you are pushing through, deep in your pose of life, soften. Soften. Soften. Where can you find space? These are the questions I am pondering for my life.

Earth Connection: The seasons are shifting before our eyes and I always love to witness the shift by being outside as much as I can. Checking if there are any signs of new life. 

Reading: I intend to read more this week. 

Less Distraction: Noticing where I distract myself and choosing to do something I REALLY really want to do instead. 

Productivity: Reminding myself that productivity does not have to mean countless hours working, it means efficiency and thoughtful approaches like working with the time that best suits my energy levels and concentration, as well as when I am more inspired and filled with fire rather than when I am tired and need to nurture myself. 


What are your intentions?

I would love for us to inspire each other. Comment below or email me at


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