We want Ourselves

So many of us are in desperate search of anything that can fill the emptiness and unfulfillment we feel on a regular basis. We look to fill that gap in many ways;  food, drugs, alcohol, sex, constant distraction, overworking, busyness, even constant 'self-work' , ect. If we are left on our own, silently for too long, the feeling begins to arise. Being present can be overwhelming for a lot of us, as we can finally hear the Truth. Hearing the truth takes courage and strength, but is a sacred gift. In Silence, we may hear that all we truly want is Ourselves. 

When I say we want Ourselves, I don't mean that on a surface level. We all have a core essence that is our true Self. That Self has a higher awareness, and clearer view of our purpose. What I have realized for me personally, is that I feel most alive when I am in touch with that true self. When I allow that Self to be free, and expressive. I have been working through lifetimes of fear of embracing this true self, and still I watch it sneak up. This is ok. Baby steps are ok. We fear it not because it is scary, we fear it because of how beautiful it is, as crazy as it sounds. It is the beauty we seek in all other places. It is us. The true beauty, and the only beauty that will ever satisfy us to our CORE is our true selves.

 I have made note of what hinders my connection with that true self, and I also see why many people look for themselves in those places. In order to embrace and feel the beauty of the true self, we must go through the pain of seeing how we have neglected this self in so many ways. Forgiveness is key here.  What keeps me going is remembering that light inside of myself. Reminding myself that I am the beauty and the walls are illusions. The walls may be very strong, but I am stronger. The walls are the stories, the distractions, the blockages that want us to stay away from this beauty. But the beauty is our birthright. 

So next time you feel you want to distract yourself, feel into what you are hiding from. Be strong, be compassionate, forgive yourself. I trust you will see your own beauty, and remember your sacred Self.


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