Discipline and The Stories we Tell Ourselves to Stay Small

We "like" to be comfortable, and we will keep ourselves staying comfortable for as long as we can until we realize what we are doing to ourselves. I was just at an amazing retreat in San Marcos, Guatemala where one of the workshop facilitators said " Stop giving up what you REALLY, REALLY want, for what you want right now." And I could not have agreed more. That simple sentence is what I was trying to say to myself when I realized "Dicipline is Freedom."  What do you want? What do you really, really want? Take a few moments and ponder where you might be selling yourself short because of what you "want" right now.

Discipline is a sexy trait. Seeing someone who knows what they want, can commit to it, and realize the importance of going after and sticking with what they want, rather than listening to the little voices (stories) inside their head that try to stop them, is so inspiring. Those voices are resistance. Resistance likes to keep us exactly where we are, and resistance convinces us that there is no need to go learn the skill we've always wanted to learn. Resistance convinces us that there is no need to go for that run or make that art, why bother right? But also, resistance is a sign. Usually, if resistence is there we need to do the thing we have resistance to. Usually the bigger the resistance, the more intricate the story we have to stop us, but also, the bigger the resistance, the more NEED for us to do that very thing, as its importance for our growth is HUGE.

I have started putting little personas on the stories I see my ego telling me. If deep down, I know that a certain task will serve me, I trust that in my heart, and know that's what I really, really want. As I watch my resistance come up, I see this little "creature" try to stop me. I literally imagine a creature, who doesn't want me to grow, whispering these lies into my mind. For example, I've really wanted to do yoga, and love yoga, but I've had SO MUCH resistance to it. The stories were so detailed about why I couldn't, shouldn't, and just will not go. But now, seeing that, that is just resistance, I can be stronger, and laugh at that silly little creature, who thinks it has power over my power. 

It is important to first know what we really really want, in order to know when there is a little creature trying to sway us from that. Because if we don't set in stone what is truly important to us, than that little creature, and it's stories will run our life and we will end up giving our sacred power away. 

Our sacred power is our gift. It is our divine right. We are all strong enough to stay "disciplined" enough to rock our power everyday. For me, I don't really call it discipline, though technically that is what it is; I just see it as me listening to my true self, not little creature. I like to make it fun, and that seems to keep me on track. I give myself, and all of you the permission to be your biggest, more divine selves. Just trust deeply in what you really, REALLY want. 

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