The Underworld and Why We Forget

What auspicious times we are living in. Everyone around me feels it. Change is in the works. Change is death, change is rebirth. Transformation doesn't always feel like sunshine kisses and bliss, sometimes it feels like agony, like as if we have forgotten everything we know to be true. It feels so challenging most times because we are still attached to an old self that is dying. As much as this time can be painful, this is what we have been asking for, and when we are in it, we can remind ourselves that this is an amazing sign that the transformation we've been asking for is coming. Death is apart of life. Going into the underworld is a mandatory part of transformation, just look at the caterpillar into a butterfly journey. If we were so dead set on being a caterpillar that we wouldn't risk the chrysalis phase (underworld journey) than we would have no idea what it is like to be a butterfly. 

We forget our own ways sometimes because we need to create new pathways, that are better suited to our new selves. I think it is so important to challenge our belief systems, on an almost daily basis. Being strong enough to challenge my own belief systems has been the utmost biggest tool of transformation I have used these last few months. I challenge every belief system. I look at all the stories I tell myself, I obverse everything I "think" is true, and question it. Question it all. Is this working for me? I ask. Can a different belief system work for me? These questions can create a strong foundation for an underworld journey. Because when we are strong enough to let our old ways of living die, in deep trust, and surrender that there is something better in store for us, the death journey can become almost enjoyable and fun. 

The underworld phase is a journey into the darkness, into the shadow, into our depths and mysteries. The underworld journey is a gift, and to honour that gift, we must see it for what it is, and try not to judge it, and define ourselves as it, but use it, for the sacred tool it truly is. I know you are strong enough to die, I know you are strong enough to let it go. I know you know what you need to do, and the underworld journey is all about that knowing. It wouldn't happen if Spirit didn't trust in our deepest strengths to know, deep down, in our own strengths, in our own surrender and trust in the process. 

If you are in an underworld journey, and feel called to have guidance, I am here, and am offering one on one sessions at a discounted rate, and would love to connect.