Monday Intentions Forty | 2018 - Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

Holy! Hello after a long pause! Lately I have been so insanely wrapped up in a lot of things. I am moving to China for a few months TODAY annnnd I just moved house so not only have I been busy, I also have been processing all the emotions that come up with changes like this. Moving on isn't easy, but so necessary. Its hard to miss the cue in times like these, times when we need to move forward, because Life doesn't give us an option, we just need to make the action. The thought of staying put ends up feeling grosser than the fear of leaping into the unknown. 2017 was incredible. 100% the best year of my life. My heart opens wide just reflecting back. Wow. Feeling nostalgic because just how great it truly was. The community here on the Island is such a beauty one, and we all brought in the new year together thanks to my beautiful sister Katlin with a deep cacao ceremony. I trust that 2018's going to be amazing in a totally different way, I feel too that 2018 will challenge us in a completely new way, especially with Saturn in Capricorn; the lessons aren't going to be subtle haha. I heard that "2017 was the teacher, and 2018 is the test." So lets see how that plays out! Here are my intentions for 2018, not just this week:


Self Care/ Showing Up For Myself: Everyday I learn more about how important taking care of myself is, and how that self care is a beautiful form of showing up for myself. Taking care of ourself is also a deep form of self love. I've been shown lately that if we don't even stop and give ourselves the time that our body so desperately needs and craves then how are we going to show up for others? How are we going to show up for our children? Our Earth? I believe everything is a reflection of the relationship we have with ourself. This is my biggest intention for 2018. Self Care rooted in Self Love, and Self Love rooted in Self Care. This is one of the ways I CHOOSE to show up for myself this year. I feel that by showing up we show Spirit (Universe, God, Nature, Ect) what we want, truly and deeply. So when we show up to do the work, to do the healing, to take care of ourselves, we are showing spirit what matters, and the latter is true too; when we neglect our spirit, when we neglect ourselves, and when we sink into ego indulgences, we are also speaking and showing the universe what we want. My intention is to make sure I say YES to what I really really want, and not just want I want right now. 


Letting Go Of Baggage/ Freeing Myself/ Doing The Work: This is a biggie, and one that came up strongly for me in the past week or so. I was shown how much baggage I'm carrying around, and not only carrying, but blaming myself for. I am so done with carrying around shit I don't need, mine or not. This year I am setting the strong intention to let that shit go; to free myself. I know that that means doing the work, but I also realize that once an intention is seeded, especially one like this one, than whatever is needed to fulfill that intention is already in motion; already beginning to unfold. So I am in trust that I will be presented with all the people, experiences, insights, and places that will help me release the baggage I've been carrying around for who knows how long. 


Lower Chakra Cleansing/Healing: Naturally, I tend to focus on my higher chakras. I believe that I live more in the higher chakras, focussing on intuition and the forces from above. I LOVE the lower chakras though and find that they hold incredible power. I believe that when the lower chakras are healed and opened that they give us the opportunity to bring those forces down into our body which grants us the power to embody all of which we are. I feel as if the Saturn in Capricorn transit is a partial culprit of this intention. I find that Saturn is all about being in the *real* world, getting real, getting shit done, being ROOTED, being in the body, and rocking it on the physical plane. So since i've spent so much time and energy healing my upper chakras I find its time to come into balance. 


Heart Healing: 2017 was spent really diving deeply into healing my heart, and I realize that this is just the beginning, like a rite of passage if you will. In 2018 I intend to go deeper into my heart, deeper into opening my heart, and especially healing my heart. My sister said the other day "that the only way to live through the soul is to live in the heart." She said it so nonchalantly but I found it profound. I believe the heart is where two worlds collide. The above and the below. I kind of see Earth in this way too. I like to imagine Earth as the heart of a bigger force; another place where two worlds collide. And being human is our special gift to be able to *consciously* BE in both, if we choose. 


Childlike Innocence: This is a special intention. We often lose our innocence when we begin puberty, but one of the roles of our parents according to Bill Plotkin, is to preserve our innocence, as it's our doorway to our imagination.. aka MAGIC. One of the ways Ill be doing this is tuning into my own inner child and doing some healing work around when I began to lose my innocence. I've already started this work, and believe me, it's a tough one for me. Everyone has different wounds but this is a biggie for me. I feel confident I will have some big breakthroughs this year. 


Working Hard: This year, more than any other year ( I can thank Jupiter in Scorpio transmitting my 10th house for this) I am ready to expand my work and career. I have a few ideas of what this will look like, but mostly I don't know. I trust that I will be guided, just like this trip to China was totally unexpected, but obviously guided. The way I know I am on my path is because I get a STRONG YES feeling. If it's not a strong yes, it's not a yet. Taking this job offer, and honestly even applying was a YES. I knew once I applied I was going, just by the feeling inside of me. 


Love: Always learning to love stronger and deeper. Myself and others. Continuing to open my heart to the beauty that is this life. Love really does heal everything. Setting the intention to give myself the space to relax deep enough to feel THE love.. the love that is pulsating through us all. 


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Here is a song and playlist to begin your new year with! Enjoy!