Monday Intentions Thirty Nine | Yule and Dark

Art: Floral Atonomy 

Art: Floral Atonomy 

Gosh Guys, It's shadow time for me again. My moon is directly aligned with the New Moon which ws early this morning. I am feeling so much relief now because the build up to the new moon, and to my period can actually be quite challenging. I see women's periods as death, as letting go, shedding per se (because it really is). I find about a week or so before my period, I get shown deep, shadowy aspects of myself that want to be shed during moon time alongside my actual physical shedding. It's quite the challenge to face these parts of ourself sometimes, and this month it has been especially hard. Although I see times like these signs of growth, it doesn't mean there isn't growing pains apart of the journey. With that, here is this week's theme and intentions:


Yule and Dark: The darkest days of the year are truly upon us. How do you feel? Usually around this time of year I feel pretty great, but this year it different. My whole life is in transition and that has been challenging me, on so many levels. I am excited, emotional, and so afraid at the same time. It's too many emotions to feel at once which has been causing my anxiety at times.  Christmas time is here and it's amazing to see us all celebrating the return of the light, during the darkest days of the year. That's magic. And although this time of year is actually quite bastardized, the magic is still present. We really can feel it if we just take a moment, go into nature, and feel. It's a special time of year regardless of the holidays. I am sending my biggest blessings of love to each of you. Happy Holidays. 


Changing Routine: Ever just get sick of your routine? Does your routine ever just stop friggin' working for you and you just resist it? That's what's happening for me lately. I am just so ready for the next phase of my life begin, but it can't yet, and I am caught in this weird place of needing to start a new routine, but also wanting to wait until I move, ect. I am finding that certain practices just aren't doing it for me anymore, and I'm barely even inspired in ways that I used to be. So this week I am setting the intention to actually make some changes to my routine, even if they are small. 


Showing Up: What i'm writing about mostly above is how I show up. Every morning I go straight to my altar and do my meditation and prayer. This is lovely, but it feels like so much effort lately. Although it's been harder to show up daily, I still have. I am at this place though of making sure it's authentically showing up. So this week I am setting the intention to show up TRULY, from my heart... whether that means going for a walk and praying with the earth, or going to my altar. 


Remembering: I've been so sucked into illusion lately. I feel that it's apart 


Journalling/Manifestation: I have been distant from my journal lately. My journal is where I get clear. Where I make sense of things. It's where I put down on paper what I want and need and where and what I believe I am heading towards. This week I am going to find some time to do extra journalling making some manifestation lists as one of my mentors Lacy would call it. 


Social: I am happy I am actually feeling social because usually I'm not that social of a creature. The holidays really force us to be social and i'm actually excited for once for all the socializing this time of year entails. 


Heartspace: As always, setting the intention to heal and BE in my heart more and more, everyday. 


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