The Power of "Fuck It"


2017 has been a Fuck It kind of year for me, you too? Everyday I am learning to let go a little more and a little more. Everyday I try to become a little bit more aware of where my resistance is, and when I do I say fuckkk ittt.  Resistance is attachment. When we make an effort to take a step back and look at why we are resisting it's usually because there is apart of us that believes we "should" be different, or that we really dislike the part of ourselves we are resisting. But resisting it won't actually help it. That's why I say fuck it. Who cares if we have this part of us? The only way we can really let it go is to know it. We can't know something if we are resisting it. I say resistance is attachment because we are attached to something other than what is. For if we weren't we would have no problem accepting what we are being shown. 

I have a practice where I sit down with myself and ask "What is so wrong and bad with having _____ quality?" I ask "Who is really the one afraid of _____ quality?"  Yeah being jealous, greedy, and selfish suck, but resisting them isn't going to release them. I believe that saying fuck it, accepting these qualities, surrendering to the fact that these qualities are apart of us is one of the best step forwards in not allowing these qualities to have power over us. Just because we pretend to not have certain qualities doesn't mean they aren't within us. I believe the best thing we can do is be honest with ourselves; to be compassionate with ourselves, and to fuckin' let go of the crazy high expectations we have of ourselves to be perfect. Like, come on! We're all human and I believe that the more we remember that and stop trying to be some kind of superhuman than that kind of surrender will help us take back our TRUE power, and help us sink into our deeper truth. 

"Fuck It" as Surrender to True Self

Fuck it can work in a whole other way too. I wrote a whole post on this here. Basically when we say fuck it to trying to be anything other that what is REAL and TRUE than we surrender into who are are. When we truly say fuccckkk it, life becomes a lot easier because we just ARE who we ARE, and know and trust that this is so much more than enough. That its exactly how it "should" be. When we are being real, we are giving the most we can to the world. The only way to be real is to let go of the resistance we have to ourself. To find a way to accept exactly who we are. Our would is an insecure world, projecting insecurity onto everyone, and to make us feel inadequate. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. Fuck it all. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you are listening to, and following your own heart and guidence. We need to remember that the best guidance is found within. Our power comes from within, and our deepest fulfillment is serving and offering from our REALest Self. 


A little tune for you on this beautiful Thursday! Enjoy!