Monday Intentions Thirty Three | Balance


Hello friends, happy Monday! The days are so short and dark now and it is definitely an adjustment. I sat outside yesterday just watching the leaves fall. So beautiful. I truly find it pleasurable literally watching the seasons change. November is a difficult month; the days are so dark, it's getting cold, the leaves are gone, and Winter is only a few weeks away. But it's time to go within, to drink lots of yummy tea, and make warming foods like chilli and kitchari. Does anyone else feel their body craving different foods? I know my body tells me so loudly when it's time to shift up my diet, and I got that call this week. Will be apart of this weeks intentions:


Balance: This weeks theme is all about balance. I can become a very imbalanced person sometimes, as we all can. I usually become imbalanced when I get focussed. And right now I am very focussed, which to be honest, feels amazing, but I see how I might be neglecting other important parts of my life, such as relationships and friends. I am setting the intention this week to make a bigger effort in that realm. I think it's okay to be unbalanced sometimes, especially if it's genuine. I believe that if you are in-genuinely being "balanced" all the time, then that's just another form of imbalance. We need to define what balance is for ourself, and others might not agree, or they might have a different definition of balance, but that doesn't need to hold us back. We just need to see where we could do better, and make compromises, and do our best. 


Diet/Food: Like I said above, my body tells me when it's ready for a shift in diet. It tells me when I stop digesting the food i've been eating in the ways I used to be able to digest it. It's odd because i've been able to digest these foods amazingly, and they have actually helped my digestion in the past few months, but lately, they are making my bloated, and heavy. I know what makes me bloated, and i'm pretty aware of what foods I need to stay away from, so when new foods start making me feel that way, I just see it as my body speaking to me and telling my to make a change. I am going to make sure I'm eating all cooked foods, and making sure everything is very well cooked, especially any brassicas as they are a good chunk of my diet, and one family of food that I can not eat raw. I am going to be eating less, but only highly highly nutrient dense foods. My body feels best when it isn't overpacked, but I also want to make sure I am getting all the nutrients I need. This week will be a fun little puzzle game for me to see how I can get all my nutrients creativly. Any of you have some awesome recipes to share? 


Shadow Work: Last week a lot of shadow came up for me. Man I was literally watching myself project my shit onto others. It's funny when you get to a place where you really just CAN'T project anymore. I've done too much work around knowing what projection is, and learning to own my shit. "But,but projection is sooo much easier than owning up," My ego says. Yep it's true, but it's false, and actually won't get you anywhere. It's FALSE. That's what I am reminding myself. I can project all I want, I can blame all I want, but when I get down to it, and since I truly am committed to the work, committed to healing myself, blaming and projection is like taking steps backwards. It doesn't do anyone good. It only makes my ego feel good for maybe a few minutes, but the truth is it's a lose lose situation. So this week I am going to sit with what came up last week, and work on getting to the root. It came up around the full moon so I know it was Spirits way of showing me what I need to let go of. 


 Radical Acceptance/Listening/Trusting: I feel my ancestors and guides so close. I even see them lately. They speak and share wisdom to me everyday. I hear. If there was one gift I have it's definitely clairaudience. I think that's why I love silence so much, and why I enjoy writing. Because I hear. I am learning to trust more in what I hear, and accept the wisdom of my ancestors, to trust the wisdom of my guides.  It's been a theme I write about quite often on here, Trust as Honour, and I think it's because it's one of the big lessons i'm learning myself. To trust no matter what. And as I trust more, the louder the messages get. Even if that means I am a black sheep, it is what it is.


Consistency: I had this in last week's intentions and continue to see the importance of it. I think if we can be consistent, whether that's with eating healthy, our spiritual practice, our work, ect, than we will be successful. I find consistency with less quantity rather than quantity in highs and lows is more effective. At least for me personally. I value consistency in people, and want to keep cultivating that skill within myself. 


Unzipping/Owning My Wildness: Realizing how controlled I am. Today in meditation it came to me that I need to unzip. That I need to just be what I AM, and let some of my control down. To be genuine, even if that doesn't look exactly how I want it to look. I am wild. I am remembering this more and more everyday. I've held back my wildness for so long, and it's coming out again. It's apart of who I REALly, and as I begin to feel safe in the purest form of myself more and more, it's apparent that wildness is majorly a part of me. I love the analogy of unzipping though. When thing's are zipped up, they are controlled, held back, tight, and not so fluid. When when things are unzipped they are free, flowing, and loose. I feel I try to control because I have an image of who I think I should be, instead of just letting what's real and genuine to just BE. This is my work this week, and for the months to come i'm sure. 


Hermit/Focus: I know I wrote of balance above, and yes I do want that, but I still NEED to focus, need to be consistent, and to get what I need to get done done. I am thourally enjoying this new energy I am working with, and feeling totally motivated, concentrated, and excited for all that is coming. 


Heartspace: As with every week, I want to make sure I am coming into and moving from my heartspace as deeply as possible. Making this a habit has been one of the most transformational actions i've ever made. 



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I've been loving Porya Hatami lately. Such soft, gentle meditative music. Close you eyes and drift my friends, have a wonderful week!