Presence and Baby Steps When Working Towards Goals


I am the type of person that gets really intimidated when I have a big project ahead of me, especially one that might take a while. Lately though, I've been getting less intimated at the thought of bigger goals and projects as I am reminded that being present and taking little action each day is enough. With an aries rising, I like to get things done quick, which meant in the past when I had big projects, I would become way too focussed that it would become imbalanced; just trying to get as much as possible done, in the shortest amount of time. This would cause me to crash and burn since that type of energy is just not sustainable (a very aries trait). 

I used to put so much pressure on myself at the beginning of projects, and working under pressure can be a good thing (to some extent) but the kind of pressure I would put on myself was filled with expectations, and attachment to certain outcomes, at certain times; again just another form of imbalance. I could never BE with my project, rather I was way too ahead of myself, looking at how quickly I could finish ( which I really never would finish because the way I worked was never sustainable). Now I ponder, "Why do I want to finish so quickly anyways? What's the rush?" And truly, what is the rush? I couldn't come up with a straight answer. "Just to be done?" I thought? I have a feeling the reason I would rush things is because of fear of commitment, that I feared that if a project took too long I would get bored and switch directions  before I could finish. 

These days when I know something is going to take some time, instead of getting ahead of myself and looking into the future, I practice presence. I ask "what baby step can I take today, even this moment, that will get me close to my goal?" Instead of fearing all the work I have yet to do, I allow myself to be right here, and give myself permission to do what I can, with what I have TODAY. It's important to know what you are working towards, but also so important to know that anything worth having is usually going to take work, time and dedication. It's much more productive to take small steps consistently than to try to take big leaps and then crash and burn. A lesson I learned the hard way, and one that took me years (and I'm still learning). 

This is yet another reminder to myself, and to you that great things take time, and consistent effort and dedication. That moving slow might seem counterintuitive, but in actuality, moving slow, consistently, might just be the way to get lasting results and reap true rewards. Baby steps folks, its usually our ego and mind that wants to move quickly, our hearts and soul know that moving slow is OKAY, and health.