Making Space / Rebirth

Art: Marianna Nichols (Floral Anatomy) 

Art: Marianna Nichols (Floral Anatomy) 

On the topic of newness, I want to remind us all how important MAKING SPACE is when newness is on the horizon. When we go through a gateway, threshold, or shall I say, rebirth, we are different. We have matured, grown, expanded, opened, and renewed. We are fresh and in order to nourish that freshness we must freshen up our surroundings. That can (and usually does) mean clearing out physical clutter, along with decluttering internally as well. When I speak of clutter what I mean is STAGNANCY, and what that is, is old energy. What do you have laying around or shoved into corners that's holding onto energy of your old self/selves?  I know I can be bad for this, but let me tell ya, it feels amazing when I clear it out. I feel FRESH. 

This kind of decluttering is happening on a pretty big scale for me these days, and there is even a sense of nostalgia surfacing. It's sad to get rid of things that once meant so much, whether that means a journal, or even moving on from a place you have lived for years. But the way I deal with nostalgia is reminding myself of my intentions. When I am reminded of my intentions I am reminded to trust in whatever life is offering me, especially because I know how strong and clear my intentions are. SO whatever is coming up, I challenge myself to see it as life and spirit making arrangements to give me what I'm asking for. If that means letting go of old baggage, if that means moving, if that means chopping my hair off, whatever..ill frickin' do it. Nostalgia has nothing on me at that point. Though it is nice to feel it, it's still a crappy feeling, because it's as if we are forgetting that what's coming is BETTER than what we are letting go of. How could it not be? That's what I always say. 

So if any of you are feeling this major threshold of newness going on take some extra time and see where you can clean up, and clear out. Emotionally, physically, mentally, ect. Let it go. 

Sometimes I like to imagine that rebirths come when the new goals/intentions we are setting are too great to birth in who we are, or where we are. If what we are desiring is greater than our desire to be comfortable where we are we will naturally go through a rebirth. And I love it. I am IN IT. It's so exciting to wonder and ponder what is to come. This is a scary time for most... the unknown. I see it as a symbol of growth, I see it as sprouts of past intentions instead of death, though it is death. It's all our perspective. Everything is relative. "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change." Always loved that one. 

Death is a sign of growth. Rebirth are sprouts. Take the leap. Burst out of your seed. 


A song I am obsessed with as of late! Enjoy