Monday Intentions Thirty Six | Threshold, Gateway and Letting Go


Life is a story. Thats why I love music so much, because it's my theme music. I like to pretend my whole life is a movie and i'm the main character and the music I'm listening to is the background music. I know that might sound corny but it's the truth. I literally live in my own little world. Some people might think that's stupid, but I love it. I live the magic. I am apart of the magic. Our lives are stories, and sometimes they don't make any sense. They don't make sense because it isn't time for them to make sense. When things aren't making sense for my Aquarian brain, I get really frusterated and impatient (briefly). Even when things get super confusing we have the power to tap into our intuition and ask questions. A lot of time in times of confusion the answer will be trust. Trust. Trust. Because it WILL all make sense, and then we will laugh about it. That just happened to me this past week lol. Life is so silly. 


Threshold, Gateway and Letting Go: I'm not sure if anyone else feels like they literally just walked through a threshold, a gateway per se. I LOVE when this happens. To me, what it feels like is a major beginning. Like a rite of passage. A doorway that when we walk through, nothing is ever going to be the same. It's also a sign that a cycle has completed, and a new one has begun. It's a symbol that the lessons you were given in the last cycle are learned at the level they needed to be learned, and now it's time to move on, through the gateway and into a new phase. It's funny because last week my theme was through, and in my intentions I was even writing how I felt there was a change coming, but that I was unsure. My life has just been uncertain in general, but on the last day of Scorpio, last week, the puzzle pieces all fell into place, and things finally made sense. Sometimes I just have to laugh at how things play out. Seriously, it's actually FUNNY. And so good. 


Change: Life can change so damn quickly. Overnight really, or even in an instant. I am focussing on embracing chance this week rather than feeling nostalgic. Sometimes that's hard because things have been so beautiful, but what i've been reminded is that its ALWAYS beautiful, and it's always getting more beautiful. The inbetween might challenge us, push us to our edge, and out of our comfort zone, but ultimately it's because we need it to grow into a fuller version of our true self, and that once we get through the middle zone everything will blossom. There's no turning back. There's no moving backwards on this path. When intentions are strong, and especially when we have strong intuitions there is no holding onto the old. 


NATURE: Nature reminds us. Nature reminded me of that yesterday on my walk. BEing in nature brings us back. Especially time spent ALONE in nature reminds of the truth, or ourselves, and the world. Some people avoid alone time in nature though because things come up. They are meant to come up. Nature shows us the truth. It shows us what is in the way of the truth. When things come up while we're in nature.. or even just while we are alone, it's important not to judge them or define ourselves as them. Instead we need to learn how to see them as illusions that are in the way of our truth. Or maybe they are bad habits and patterns we've picked up from our parent, or society. Either way, BE with it, give it the space it needs, and the truth, I promise will emerge when the resistance is dropped.


Moving On: Relating back to change, moving on is a huge part of that. I am setting the intention to be strong enough to move on from all the things, places, people, ect that are "too small" for me. I am realizing more and more how important it is to create space FOR growth, instead of expecting growth to happen from exactly where we are. 2018 is going to be such an amazing year. I really do feel that in my heart and soul. 2017 has been suchhhh an incredible year, and i'm excited to build on it. 


Presence: While going through big changes it's important to stay present. To not get too far ahead of ourselves. To let go of expectations. When I practice presence, I can relax. I am guilt of letting my mind spin into the future, into all types of possible outcomes, and let me tell you, it does me no good. 


Love, Love, Love: Feeling ALL the love. Gosh, I feel so blessed to feel this amount of love. I love love. I love sharing love in all it's many forms. I love BEing IN love, creating from love, speaking from and with love. It's all love. It is all fucking LOVE.


Heartspace: As per usual, heartspace is ALWAYS on the agenda for the week. This is actually a daily intention I set; to be in the deepest place of my heart, as often as possible. I look back at this year, and see how much my life has changed by working on being IN my heart more and more. 



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