Learning Lessons / Intuition


Life is weird. The way life teaches us things is weird. Learning lessons is weird. This whole experience of experiencing is WEIRD. It's all unusual, and so fucking annoying sometimes. But days like yesterday just make me laugh. When it all finally makes sense (for a short period of time, lol). When we realize we knew all along, and the universe had to take us on a long, painful, heart-wrenching journey to show us our power. K uni, did it have to be so intense?! ....  I wasn't listening, so I guess it did haha, or else I would have learned the lessons when I had the hunches back when. Listen my friends, TRUST your damn intuition. Its right. Sadly, amazingly. Adhering to our intuition, I believe, is one of the most challenging and rewarding acts we can do. It really shows us what our ego desires. Even when in our hearts and souls, it's not what we need or it won't even serve us. When we don't listen to our intuition, and when we give into this desire, that is when life takes on the most painful journey of lessons. 

The thing about lessons is that they are LESSONS. They are things we don't don't know, or maybe another layer of a teaching we learned in the past, but we are re-visting to learn it on a deeper level. Either way, lessons are here to teach us something. Sometimes it takes us on a long journey, and sometimes the lessons happen in an instance. For me, these past lessons happened over the span of a few months. Now that I'm aware of the lesson, I am so much  more aware of my power. Like woah. 

It's okay to not know why things are happening, or why they happened to you. It's okay that you didn't know what you know now back then. It's okay that it's taken this long to see how strong you are. Sometimes we need a big slap in the face to show us how strong we are, and how much we truly HAVE to listen to our intuition. And sometimes we need to go against our intuition, fall into the pain, in order for the universe to show us how much our intuition is ON fucking POINT.

To bring this back around and relate to this weeks theme, which is THROUGH, I just want to mention how much more in tune, aware, stronger, and wiser we are after we go through and learn big lessons. That when we are in the midst of it how confusing it can be, and how much we can feel like a victim, but also how important to trust that we WILL make it through, and that as confusing and fucked up that it seems, that truly, it's the universes fucked up plan FOR US, to show us some amazing part of ourself, but needed to show us in a way that is REALLY going to stick. Which a lot of the time, hurts at first, but when we make it through, we FLY. 

Just want to take moment, and send gratitude to life. To it's confusion path, to the not knowing, to the people it brings us to, to the pain we encounter, to the love, the loss, the connection, the land, the beauty. To presence in it all. To trusting it all. Sending love to all of our guides, ancestors and totems, who are always there for us, and when we ask for their assistance, how beautifully they show up for us. 

I hope you all have a beautiful day, I am leaving you with a song i've been loving lately. XO. 

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