Monday Intentions Thirty Five | The Only Way Out is Through


Week Thirty Five Theme: THROUGH

Wow what a Scorpio new moon that one was?! How are you guys all feeling? I know I am feeling the depths. I am feeling watery and emotional, and loving it. It kind of feels like a darker cancer season to me, and I am revelling in it. The dark of the moon can bring up so much. Especially a Scorpio new moon because ALL of Scorpio season stuff is coming up... but it's intensified on the new moon. Which is useful for intense growth, release and death, but so many of us are afraid of change, or renewal, of letting go, and grief. Thats why this week's theme is THROUGH. Because no matter how tough and hard things get, we ALWAYS make it THROUGH to the other side. There is no way around somethings, and honestly the best lessons are always offered when we go through the pain. And just a reminder that I am making awesome weekly playlists to go with the weekly theme. Please check this week's out, I know you'll love it. Here are my intentions for the week:


Through: The only way out is through. This is a message that continues to pop up for me. I look back at my life and especially to the darker days and think wow, how did I ever even get through that? But I always did, and always 100% stronger than I was before. Life never gives us what we can't handle. Life gives us tough love sometimes because it's what we need. It's sometimes the only thing that is going to get the energy moving and get us up off our ass to make a change. Sometimes when we aren't making the changes we are being called to, life goes ahead and does it for us. Because really, subconsciously we are begging for it. This is a bit of a generalization buttttt... When I look at somebody's life that is continuously going in a downwards spiral... one thing after another, after another, after another going wrong I see that as a chance, after chance, after chance to WAKE UP, to make a change, to look deeper and LISTEN. We are not victims. When we feel like victims we aren't seeing the picture clearly. Life is not out to get us, life is here to SHOW US what we are capable of, to help us unravel into who and what we truly are. I know life can be hard, confusing, strange, dark, depressing, but I also know that life is made of BEAUTY. Seriously. I believe the main ingredient to life is Beauty, and that it's our gift to be apart of it, to live it, breath it, share it, experience it. We are strong. We have the power to tap into ALL  POWER every single moment, with our breath. Breath through it. BE through it, and we will get through it. 


Feels / Breath. Feel. Slow. : Gosh, i've been indulging in feeling. Just taking extra time to go deep, to cry, to let go, to grieve, to be, and feel all those feelings. I took some extra mental health time today to do exactly that. I need it, we all need it. The holidays are right around the corner, and I can already feel the scrambledness of people and the intense energy of this time of year. Breath. Feel. Slow down. These will be my tools for the next few weeks. There are only a few days of scorpio season left... our last three days of a water sign until Pisces in late February. Embrace it, seriously. Feeeeeeeeeeel everything. It's easier in the water signs. Feeling is FREEing. 


Inventory: Feeling unsure. I'm not really sure of what i'm unsure about, but i'm sure that i'm unsure. I also know something is changing. I know it's me, but I also am not sure how I am going to navigate this change. This week I am dedicating time to some deep inwards inventory with the intention of removing stagnancy in as many places as I can.


Longterm Commitment/Practices: I am realizing more and more the importance and medicine in showing up consistently, over a longer period of time. Sat Kriya has been teaching me this. I am on day 43 and I know that doesn't sound like a long time, and really, it isn't. But in the last 43 days I have learned more about the importance of commitment, and consistency than any other time. This is a big lesson for me and I intend to continue to go deeper into what long term commitment and consistency means to me. Also a note on practice. EVERYTHING is a practice. The more I walk with this as a truth, even practice as a practice, I take the pressure off of myself, I give myself the space to be enough as I am... as long as I am still practicing... still showing up. 


Medicine: Oh my gosh guys. I am so excited about the medicine I am/will be making in the next few weeks. By the new year I will have some baddass offerings for you guys. I want to tell you all the details now, but I can't, its just not time. But this week I am turning on my creative juices and getting to work. 


Heartspace: Awh the heart. This is the most sacred place. The connection between two worlds. The place where both worlds collide. The place where we can walk in all worlds at the same time. The only REAL place. Love. Always my intention to go deeper, and deeper into this space.


This week's song and playlist. Enjoy and have a blessed week,

This week's Playlist: