Daily Practice; For Being Centred and Rooted


My contemplation theme has been Daily Practice this week, as my last post touches on this too. As November's energy seeps into my skin I am feeling a slight shiver of fear slither through my body. I find November tough, and challenging, mostly because of how dark it is. Lately I've been looking into the future and yes, seeing that Ill be challenged, but within that challenge, I imagine myself so rooted, centred, and capable, and even prepared for these challenges, and that's because of my practice.

When I take an Eagle's eye view of the November's energy, and of my practice I see how returning to a similar place daily, internally, and externally, keeps me in my centre; keeps me reminded of my strength, and keeps me aware of how much support I truly do have; that anytime I need extra help, all I have to do is ask.  The more consistent we become with our daily practice, the more we literally watch ourselves transform, the more trust we have in our practice; in ourselves. I fear the future less and less because anytime I look forward, I see myself with an even stronger practice than I have now, and I trust that in that, I AM strong, that it's not necessarily my practice that is strong, technically my practice is the same, with minor shifts and changes,  but I am the one that is becoming stronger; I am the one changing, and as I become stronger, so does my practice. 

I was in the woods the other day, feeling so centred, and looking for an analogy to express what being centred means to me. Instantly, as soon as I asked, the image of a big red wood tree appeared. Yes, centred like a tree. A tree has roots so deep, a strong CENTRE, and branches, flowers and leaves growing in every direction. A tree stands firmly through most weather, with branches that flow gracefully in the wind. Trees know precisely when and how to let go, but still, stands rooted. My practice keeps my centred like a tree, knowing precisely when to let go, when to blossom, and ready for challenges. 

I was listening to a video the other day on this exact topic, and one of the woman mentioned that her teacher always says "The practice is making the time, and creating the space FOR the practice." I really resonated with that. Making the practice a PRIORITY is a practice is basically what he is saying. I have found that the deeper I go into my practice, and the more consistently I show up, the easier it is for it to be a priority; the more obvious it is when I don't show up, and to be honest, I just don't not show up anymore; my practice matters that much to me. It's number one. It's number one because of how life changing I have found it to be. And it doesn't even have to take long. It's about finding what works for you, and sticking with it. I know that as I grow, my practice will continue to become that much more refined and efficient. That doesn't necessarily mean it will be shorter, but I mean that each aspect of my practice will be very intentionally orchestrated and that I know it works, from trial and error in the past. Practice creates a practice. Everything is a practice. Showing up IS the practice. It's that easy. You figure it out. It get's clearer. You find what works for you, and what doesn't. It gets better and better; stronger and stronger, and so do you.

I would love to know IF you guys have a practice, and if so what does it look like? Comment below. And if you don't have a practice, hit me up, and we can chat.