Monday Intentions Thirty Four | Permission


Week Thirty Four Theme: PERMISSION

Happy Monday everyone. I am excited to introduce to you THEMES. As you know i've been themeing every Monday intentions, but now, that theme will also be a WEEKLY theme. Each journal entry I make during the week will some how be related to the theme of the week. Also take note at the navigation links, I have a new one called playlists where I will be curating some awesome playlists for you guys based around each weeks theme. How was your week? Mine was great. I am feeling strong, and focussed and give a lot of credit to my kundalini meditation i'm doing; Sat Kriya. Last week's theme for me was patience, and slowness. For me, slow and consistent growth is what both most appeals and works best for me. In the past I would have never imagined this type of growth or mode of "doing the work" would have suited me, not knowing that this is actually how I work whether I'm conscious of it or not. Now that i'm aware that this is how I work, I can actually make the best of it. This all comes back to permission, as in the past I would have never given myself the permission to work in this way; believing that I wouldn't get near as far if I moved slowly. I am now learning that the exact opposite is true (for me). Instead of moving at a rapid pace, with only half-ass quality work, I am instead moving at a turtle pace, with the best possible work I can do. This has proven to be so deeply transformational to me, and pours out into all areas of my life. I once read that usually the way you do one thing is most likely how you do everything. It's been a hard reality for me to face that I half-assed and rushed so much of my life, but now, I am aware of that, and am conciously working to do the opposite. 


Permission: I have been pondering permission a lot lately. I've learned that anywhere I am seeking permission outside of myself is a sign for me to just give myself permission to feel/think that way. A big message i've been receiving from my guides lately is to REALLY TRUST in myself. And giving myself PERMISSION to trust in myself has been a very interesting practice. I've been shown so clearly that the more I trust in myself, the more I fall in love myself (not in a conceited way, but in a self love way). It's as if when I fully allow myself to feel, be, do, speak and create in the ways that are authentic to me, I am shown who I really am in a sense. I have found that as I give myself permission to look inside of me for the answers, the more I can ONLY look internally for answers. Get what I'm saying here? I am realizing that the more I give myself permission to just stand in who I AM, and be confident in that, that the universe reflects back to me all the reasons I need to continue to do that. ~ More on permission this week. 


Sat Kriya: I am on day 36 of my kundalini meditation practice. At first my goal was 40 days, but now my intention is until the new year, which brings me to 92 days. This practice is so transformational. It's one of the only exercises in Kundalini Yoga that is also a whole kriya on it's own. This kriya works on all three lower chakras. My intention for 2018 is to focus deeply on these three chakras, and I found it pretty funny that I began Sat Kriya not really knowing how much it helped with these chakras, but also not surprised that I feel the call to do this meditation until, and even into the new year as a way to begin my healing journey with my lower chakras. It's also called The Everything Kriya as it's one kriya that is so potent it can help with almost everything. It's one of the foundational kriya's in kundalini yoga. If you are interested in trying sat kriya HERE is a link to teach you. 


Creativity: I am feeling a creative surge coming through me. I am feeling so inspired, on so many levels to create. I am speaking of making new medicines, of my writings, of changing up the blog a bit, making collages, ect. Feeling some expression coming out of me this week! 


Inwards: I don't know if it's the time of year (probably) or just me, but I am feeling like such a hermit. Feeling like all I want to do is be quiet, and inwards, and create and write and drink tea. I give myself PERMISSION to do just that this week. 


Blog/Writing/Brain-Heartstorming: HA! I just came up with Heart-storming. I was going to write brainstorming, and I stopped and was like waittttt a second. I intend to make decisions from my heart, not my brain. But yes, I am feeling some new projects on the horizon. I am sitting down this week to start writing out all my ideas. SO excited for what is to come in 2018.


Heartspace and Womb Healing: Like I said above, 2018 is my year of really focussing on healing my lower chakras. My womb is a very important aspect of that. I began healing my womb in February when I had a session with a very powerful African Sangoma. She told me me that my womb was closed, just like how we can have a closed off heart. With that awareness I began working to open her. For some reason this journey always lead me back to my heart. I was listening to a podcast the other day where the girl said that she went down to Costa Rica with the intention to heal her womb, but then was drawn to cacao and realized that we need to heal our hearts first, before we can heal our wombs. This resonated so deeply with me as i've been drinking cacao, and working on healing my heart since February. I realize that everything is so divinely orchestrated and that my Spirit was on some level prepping me for healing my womb. Gosh this journey brings me so much gratitude every single day. 




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