Monday Intentions Twenty Nine | Presence, Practicality and Feeling Safe


I am feeling at a total 180 from the Summer. I am grounded, structured, in routine, focussed, and very much on the Earth, and I couldn't be happier about it ( all 7 of the planets I have in Capricorn are jumping for joy). There have been so many curveballs thrown at me in the past month, and lessons coming through in the most unexpected ways. I have had to really swallow my pride, get real, and come down to Earth. I feel so much more balanced ( thank you Libra season). I was contemplating the other day how annoying it is that life is such a mystery haha, but then also was reminded that I would seriously have it no other way because if I got everything I wanted, my life would not even be half as good. I was reminded that our higher selves, and great spirit know what is best for us, and that our lives are going to be so much better than we can even imagine if we surrender to our intuition, and trust in the journey instead of trying to control. Just sit with that: Imagine that your life could be WAY BETTER THAN YOU CAN EVEN COMPREHEND OR IMAGINE, that what you imagine your life to be, is only a fraction of how amazing it will be .


Presence + Practicality: I mentioned above how on Earth I am right now. I actually love it. This summer I found it hard to stay in my body. The energies, especially around the total solar eclipse in August were just insane. I felt like my body was like five steps behind of my spirit, and constantly trying to catch up. September I really did catch up, and now October I am back on the Earth, in my body, and feeling so good about it. With that being said there are parts of myself that are trying to get ahead of myself, to see what's coming, or how things are going to play out with my life, but really coming back to presence, to moment by moment, and day by day attitude has been helping me. I've been living quite an airy life for a while, and have come back to structure, dicipline, routine and practically this past week and I can't even tell you how right it feels. We all need a bit of structure and dicipline now and then. 


Safety:  Every day I work on, and set the intention to feel safe in my body. I am beginning to believe that most of our blocks come from not feeling safe in our bodies. When we don't feel safe, we feel in danger, and when we feel in danger, we put up walls. I believe that a major part of the work we have to do is to reprogram ourselves to feel safe in, and of ourselves. Read this:

"What about this theory. The fear of not being enough. And the fear of being 'too much' are exactly the same fear. The fear of being you." ~ Nayyirah Waheed

We feel dangerous in our bodies because at some point in our life we were shamed for being ourself. When we society (parents, peers, teachers, ect) tell us we "aren't enough," or we are "too much," we put up a guard, and try to save ourselves from the pain of shame again. We tell our subconscious that it is dangerous for us to show our true colours. I see this in myself, and this week, especially with the intention below, I am reallly going to  focus on  feeling safe IN ME.


Reparenting My Inner Child + Adolescent Self: Today I begin yet another beautiful UNBLOCKED workshop with one of my amazing teachers Lacy Phillips . I worked with Lacy one on one all through last year and woah, and now the online workshops she is offering are exactly what I need. This next one is all about Reparenting

"I’m yet to meet a client that doesn’t have some form of gap in self-esteem from childhood and their adolescent years due to societal programming, parent modeling, peer pressure, media, bullying, or dysfunctional relationships. This is going to be one of the most important and universal group clearings I lead Manifestors through. Unlike other inner-child work that exists out there, this will be an eight-day workshop solely centered on filling in the biggest gaps that create limiting beliefs, lack, and dimmed magnetism. Each day will target the eight phases in our childhood and adolescent lives that are crucial." ~ Lacy Phillips


Jupiter into Scorpio on Oct. 10th: Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is an amazing planet, with awesome vibes. The planet of luck, expansion, good fortune, prosperity, hope, and optimism. Jupiter changes signs every year, about every 13 months. On October 10th it comes out of Libra and into Scorpio. I am SOO excited for this to happen. Scorpio is one, if not THE deepest signs in the zodiac. So with Jupiter transiting Scorpio for the next 13 months we can expect expansion on all things scorpio. So it matters where Scorpio is placed in YOUR birth chart. I check my sun and rising signs, and listen/read about what that means. Scorpio is travelling my 10th house as an Aquarian sun, and my 8th house an an Aries Rising. With everything I have read, we can expect this Jupiter transit to be ALOT better than the Libra transit, as there were many challenging aspects during the 13 month span. Even though Libra is actually a beautiful planet of balance, specifically in relationships, but if we reflect on the past 13 months, how many of us have broke up, changed partners, ect.  Scorpio is the sign of transformation. So wherever Scorpio is placed in your chart, you can expect some big transformations going down. Anyways, if you can't tell I am down an astrology rabbit whole, and I totally blame it on this transit going through my 8th house (also ruled by Scorpio).  


Being Real: This is a big one i've been realizing. I am realizing that there is nothing more potent or powerful than being real. I've realized that most people fear being real because it will show they don't actually care as much as they hope or want to about who and what they "should" be. If we commit to being real (guilt free) we see where we actually WANT to invest our time, where we effortlessly, wholeheartdly, and meaningful DO + BE the things that are US. All we need is the permission to do so, which we can grant to ourself. When we stop looking outside for the "right" way to be, we give ourselves the space to honour who and what we naturally are. Who cares if someone is doing it one way, and they make it appear very "right," because what's right, is whats real. And what's real is going to be different for everyone. I am letting go of guilt about the things I naturally don't want to do, even though some of my friends, or peers naturally do want to do. There is strength in being honest, and being real. It's actually a relief to give ourselves the permission to just be guilt-free, should-free REAL. I'm frigging doing things my way haha, and I feel so much reassurance from my guides and spirit about this, and also knowing it's seriously not going to look like anything outside of me, so basically to not even bother looking. 


Exercise + Physical Movement: I have a new gym membership. I am really feeling the importance of deeply nourishing and taking care of my physical body. This is our sacred tool, our temple, and our bodies need be honoured for the beautiful work of art they are. So moving my body more since I really don't at all right now is going to move out a lot of stagnant energy, and make space for a lot of inspiration i'm sure. 


Hermit Life: I can't lie. I love being a hermit. I love it. I am feeling a really big, long, hermit phase coming on, and I am so excited. I am indulging in all things reading, writing, learning astrology, cooking, fermenting, exercising, photography, making some films. I am feeling so inspired, and called to spend a lot of time alone. Or shared alone time, with a small group of others. 


Heartspace: As usual, nothing else has transformed me in the way of coming into my heart has. Everyday I set the intention to BE in the deepest place in my heart I possibly can be. Everyday I go deeper, everyday I trust more in this heart, this teacher. And I am so so so grateful. 




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I am so IN LOVE with this song. It really has me vining, and I can't not dance when i'm listening. I hope you all have such a wonderful week. I hope you remember how strong you are, and that I love you. XO