Slowing Down


Slowness is how we experience. If want a full experience of life, we must slow down. If we are afraid of experiencing, we fear slowing down. When we slow down we see, we feel . All of it. It's apart of being a human, to feel. If we are afraid of the pain inside of us, and never slow down to feel it, we will never know the light beyond that pain. If we can not bare to feel through our darkness we will never slow down enough to drink in the real beauty. There is magic to be seen in every single moment. More than we can even imagine. Only when we slow down can we be open enough to observe this kind of magic. 

Our world is literally built right now in a way that keeps us busy. Everyone is busy, and takes pride in their busy-ness. A lot of people see a slow life as counterproductive, and a waste of time. As if there was really any time to waste. So many of us are looking for answers far away, we travel to exotic places, we take expensive courses, and take drugs to find states of enchantment when if we slow down enough we can see what is right here. The beauty that is within our hearts, and that magic that is in our back yard. Spirit is embedded in every single thing. If we slow down enough and become deeply present we will see that this moment can teach us anything we could ever need to know, and that surrounding us is everything we could ever want. When we slow down, we give life the space to be experienced in the way life craves to be experienced; we see life for life. Anais Nin has a quote that I love:

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

When we learn how to slow down, which IS a practice, we can go beyond ourselves, we can merge with the deep precence of the world, and see the world for what it is, for what we are, because we are not separate from the world. The deeper we slow down and travel inside of ourselves, the deeper we can see beyond the "mundane" and into the mystery that is all around us and inside of us. The mundane is truly just a gateway into the magic. Roald Dahl has a quote that get this point across beautifully:

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. "

Like I said above, slowing down takes practice, and is uncomfortable for most. But if you crave to experience the sacred beauty every single day, every single moment, slowness is your key. Take a stroll in nature, with no time deadline, listen to the wind, watch the leaves fall, notice how the water runs, see how the trail winds and twists. Let the world speak to you, because it IS. The magic is right here. Always.