Showing Up Even When You Don't Think You Can

Collage: Mary Herrera

Collage: Mary Herrera

I looked back at yesterday's Intentions post and laughed because of how many mistakes it had in it. Yesterday was a struggle. I was so worn out, over tired, and actually feeling sick. I never get sick, and knew that I needed to rest. It is important to rest, but I also believe it's important to show up as best we can if we are capable. After I smashed out my morning practice and my Intention's post, I went back to bed, and honestly felt 100% better when I woke up.

I was contemplating how even if we are afraid, even if we don't think we can do it, even if we don't think we have it in show up anyway, to show our dedication, to give our 110%. Showing up speaks so loudly. If we want to create habits that stick with us, that are ingrained into us, we MUST show up when we don't want to. It's usually our mind, our ego trying to stop us anyways. When we take a moment to tap into our truth, we will see that internally we are saying YES, show up. This is a practice of it's own: before making decisions, taking a moment to tune in, and see what is best for our highest self and soul, and moving directly from the guidence we  receive. 

I believe our practice gets stronger and stronger the more we show up when we don't feel like we have it in us. I remember in the past when anytime I was feeling shit my practice would also go to shit, which makes no sense because that's when I needed my practice the most. But it takes practice, and practice to show up to our practice when we feel like we can't, and as we keep doing that, not only do WE get stronger, but our practice does too.

I just want to mention that when I write practice I am speaking of daily practice, whatever that is for you. Mine shifts quite often, but mostly it's morning meditation, prayer, journalling and cacao. It's a remembering: waking up everyday to remind myself of the truth. We forget so easily. And not to mention forgetting is so easy when we are already caught up in shadow and darkness, hence why our practice is so potent in that time.