Monday Intentions Thirty Two | Learning, Listening, Communication, Trauma


The weeks are flying by! It's the end of October already, fall has hit the halfway point. I'm okay with it. Im in a very focused mindset these days, and love that when you create good habits, that time passing just means things are getting better and stronger. I was reflecting this morning on how much my life has changed in the past year. So grateful, but really feeling a letting go ceremony coming on. When things are over, it's important to honour that cycle, to remember and acknowledge all the beautiful lessons, and to lovingly move forward. This week opened me up to a lot, and I have found a topic that i'm extremely passionate about and so excited to learn more and more about.


Learning, Listening, Communication, Trauma: I get really excited when I find a topic that I can't stop learning about. When I find these topics I really take note because when something is SO easy for us to learn about, you can count that it's apart of our gift. I am not really sure what to call this topic that i'm learning about, but it's a mix of family phycology, trauma, inner child work, and deep reprogramming healing. Ill chat more about it the more I learn, but so far, I am deeply intrigued and feel a huge amount of inspiration and sparks. My mind has been blown, and I am understanding trauma and healing on a whole new level. I am seeing people in a whole new way.  So much more on this in the weeks to come. I am definitely going down a deep rabbit hole. Be excited.


Reflection: With the time moving forward so quickly I am going to take some extra time and reflect on this year. 2017 is coming to an end fairly quickly, and I am going to look at the seeds I planted at the beginning and see how they've sprouted. I am going to see what I would have liked to have done better, or how I can do things better. I love to take time to look back on journal entries, and see what I was going through at this time in the past few years. I love looking for patterns in my life. Getting to know my cycles. How am I coping with challenges differently? What things am I still doing exactly the same? Where are my blocks and how can I make a bigger effort to break through?


Consistency/Discipline: These two words. Consistency and discipline. I value these two actions so much. Discipline is freedom. Discipline is saying YES to our higher yes, instead of the yes that is only feeding a feeling or craving right now. Freedom is being and living the life we actually want to, instead of being a victim to our bad habits. You know, I heard lately someone say discipline is only discipline until it becomes habit, and I find this so true. People always tell me how much will power and discipline i must have to eat the way  I do, but the reality is is I want to eat this way. I've made the changes long ago, and now it is habit, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Consistency is another thing. I value consistency because it shows dedication. It shows you are, it shows that you are wiling to show up, no matter what. Calling in these two energies this week, and reminding myself how important and transformational they are. 


Emotions: Feeling so much emotion rise up today. This week I want to make sure I give myself the time and space for whatever to surface surface. I am not afraid of my emotions, I actually love then all. I LOVE feeling. It's so much better than being numb. I honestly want to set the intention for a few big cries this week. I love crying.. I feel like crying is FREEing. It's releasing. 


Heartspace: As always, being deeply in my heart as possible..which some weeks is verrrrry deep, and some weeks is tip of the iceberg. As long as my pure intention is there, I am doing enough.



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