Unfolding at Our Own Pace


We are all unfolding in the exact order, and at the exact time we should be. The universe is a lot more divine and orchestrated than we  can imagine sometimes. It's easy to remember that there are no coincidences when the beauty synchronicities appear, but what about when we go into the shadow, what about when life needs to show us a darker aspect of ourself?   What about when we've been working our butts off to break through a block and it just isn't bending. Our unfoldment has it's own timeline, and we need to learn how to give ourselves all the space and time we need to properly heal. 

I've been learning this first hand this year. In the past I would get frustrated if I didn't break through a block in 6 months max, but this year I realized the depth of healing and unfolding. I realized that this is a lifelong journey, truly, and that I put so much pressure on myself to breakthrough, to "get there," but that the pressure is really not necessary because some of the wounds I am working with I could be working with for 5 years, 10 years, 20, 30? It's lifelong and it's naive to think that we need to heal in 6 months, a year or two, even though incredible unfoldment does happen in short stints of time too. 

Healing is not linear. We are always moving forward and learning the lessons our soul needs to learn. We need to always remember that everyone is working on different lessons. That the lessons I am learning, you might never need to learn, or maybe you will learn in 5 years. We are all here to teach each other, to share, and to not look at the unfoldment as a straight line. There will be people who beautifully embody an aspect that you aspire to have, and it might take you 5 years, but they could be working day and night to cultivate an aspect that you brilliantly, effortlessly embody already. 

We are exactly where we need to be. The universe is presenting us with exactly what we need to take us to where we want to be. The universe WANTS what we want, the universe isn't against us, even though we may feel like that somedays. The best possible practice we can do is Trust. Trust in ourselves, trust in our path, trust in our timing, trust in life. When we take the "should" out of unfoldment we give ourselves the space to surrender to where we are, to accept all the work we HAVE done, and to acknowledge how strong we really are. Baby steps are ok, I recommend baby steps, because sometimes it's the baby steps that end up being sustainable, and consistent.  

Healing doesn't happen overnight and when we take off any expectation that even makes us believe it does, we release the pressure, and open up the world of divine self acceptance. It's the acceptance of where we are, the acceptance of the lifelong journey that can bring us to presence, to self love, and to ultimately become grateful for all that we are and have, right here, right now.