Gratitude + Sinking into Happiness and Fulfillment Within


I have been finding gratitude a potent tool lately, especially in regards to happiness. I am not actively trying to practice gratitude, I am just truly being in the moment to see how much there is to be grateful for. The more we are grateful for, the more life shows us what we have to be grateful for. I am being reminded that happiness is so not outside of us. So many of us are waiting for the perfect career, a different house, a change in diet or body in order to be happy, but the reality is that even if we get there, it actually isn't going to make us happy. If we can't find happiness right here, then wherever we are looking for it won't have it either. I am realizing that anything outside of us is kind of like a luxury; that when we cultivate happiness from within, that when we find fulfillment from within, the external is basically just for fun, for play, instead of something that we are trying to fill an emptiness with. 

No thing, nothing, can give you, YOU, and no thing, nothing, can give or take away happiness. The happiness is YOU. The deepest unfulfillment comes from not embodying and sharing our realest self, and the deepest fulfillment/happiness is the opposite; when we are sharing our realest and truest self. No THING involved. This takes immense amount of surrender and radical acceptance (kind of like what I talked about in this weeks intentions.) When we are actively working on letting go of all the things/ideas we think we "should" be, or are "trying" to be, and surrender to the truth of whats actually real inside of us, we realize that it's all we've ever been looking for. That just by BEing ourself, we have everything to be grateful for. 

If we want anything in our life to change we need to begin on the inside. We need to make the shift internally before we can expect it externally. That goes for career, happiness, relationships, ect. Cultivating self love, breaking old and ingrained belief systems, redefining success, happiness, love, ect to mean what is means to US instead of what we were taught it meant. Stepping out of a victim mindset, and into an attitude where we take back our power, and responsibility. Our life is OUR life, and we need to take inventory on where we are moving on autopilot and other people's (parents, teachers, society) truth instead of our own. When we cleanse our internal landscapes, everything on the outside changes. It's like that quote by Wayne Dyer:  "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."  The way to change how we look at things, is by changing ourselves internally. 

Intention is a super transformational tool that I use to make change. When I want something to change.. even just going deeper into my self, I always set the intention. The moment we set an intention, life begins to create that reality for us. So if I were looking for happiness, and I were looking for it everywhere except within, I would start by setting the intention to find happiness within. The energy of that intention is so potent, so real, that the universe will automatically begin creating that reality for you.