Monday Intentions Thirty One | Surrendered Confidence


Happy Monday and Scorpio Season! My last week was beautiful. I am in a state of contentment, realizing that my base feeling, my underlying and neutral feeling is happiness, and I feel so glad to truly be confident in saying that. There was apart of me that wasn't allowing myself to have that because "it isn't all about being in the light," and I know its not, I realize this. I do go into the darkness, I go into the shadow, deeply, but it doesn't mean that I can't BE happy, it doesn't mean I can't be IN love, in gratitude for life, and what life has given me. I am really feeling enough these days. Trusting my unfoldment, but honouring where I am. Knowing it's okay. Giving myself credit for the work I do, and the work I have done. Seeing the work I have yet to do, and knowing that our growth is a spiral, the deeper we go, the more we come back to lessons we have learned in the past, ready to peel back another layer of that exact lesson. It never stops. Our growth is a life long journey. Being present, in gratiude, in honour of where we are , surrendered to where we are is such an important form of honour to spirit, a way of saying thank you. Our growth is a gift, our presence in our growth is our thank you. With that, here are my intentions for the week:


Surrendered Confidence: True, real confidence is radical acceptance, and deep, deep surrender to what and who we are. Being enough, and loving what we ARE. When we know we are coming from the heart, we can trust that whatever is showing up and coming through us is real, and authentic, and that it need not be doubted. This is something I am working on this week, and the next while, until I ground it into my consciousness. Realizing that confidence is just radical acceptance. When we surrender to our truth, to our real self, to our heart, what is there to be  insecure about? This is the most we can do. Be our realest self. When we stop looking outwards, and turn our awareness inside there is only truth, and when we can honour our truth by surrendering to it, there is nothing to doubt. It just IS, and since this is the biggest gift (ourself) all we can do is honour, by BEing and LOVEing what we are. Surrendered Confidence. We are so enough. There is nothing and no one to compare to. Looking outwards will get us no where. Our expression can only be found inside, the people we are inspired by are only embodying a tiny fraction that may be close to our expression, but the people we are inspired by will never inspire us to our deepest fulfillment, only surrendering to our deepest self, and deepest expression will give us that fulfillment. This is my practice, letting go, letting go, letting go. Surrendering to myself, to my truth, radically accepting me, and allowing what IS to BE. 


Not Defining Myself as My Fear: This was a big realization this morning. I saw how often I would define myself as my fear. I would question my beauty, my gifts, my worth all because I would get sucked into my fear of sharing those things. Defining myself as that very fear. And when I would define myself as that fear, the beauty would be so hard to see because I truly believed my fear. Sometimes I try to imagine fear as an actual being, something that wants me to stay small. When I imagine it in this way, I find it easier to say no, and so much easier to see how false it is. Our fears are kind of like these small entities that think they are trying to keep us safe, trying to save us, when in reality they are doing the opposite. The work is to feel safer and safer in our vulnerability, in our truth, in our heart. There really is nothing to fear, because when we step out of fear, into our beauty, it is the most fulfilling experience there is. 


Relationship: Everything is relationship. Our relationship with ourself, to a plant, to the world, to our job, to our family, to our friends, to food, ect. EVERYTHING is relation. I am seriously feeling the truth of this lately. Everything is also a reflection of the relationship we have with ourself. I am working on relationships in all aspects lately. An intimacy with life, with myself, with the land is what I am intending to cultivate and nourish. A relationship rooted in reciprocity, in sharing, in connection, in presence, and slowness. This is how I intend to move forward with ALL of my relations. I find the Earth such a beautiful way to see into how I treat relationships. If I can be in sacred relation with plants, and earth, then I can do that with people too. If I neglect plants, neglect slowing down to listen to plants, to be with them, then I am most likely doing that with people too. I intend to be as present as possible with people, plants, and all the relations in my life. 


Practice/Meditation: I just want to write a little bit about how much my practice is serving me. I feel so strong, so rooted, and grounded into my practice. In a way I never have. I feel as if if I didn't have my practice these days I would be gonezo. Everyday I am reminded of my truth, of the truth, of beauty, of the sacredness. I feel that we can forget so easily, especially with the state of our world. Our world is made for us to forget, made for us to get sucked into the darkness, into the meanness of the world. But honestly, it's our job to remember, to know the truth, to be the light, to show others the light in a dark world. I give so much credit to my practice for this. I commit and vow to continue to show up, in prayer, in mediation, in taking care of this body, in all the ways my heart wants me to show up. I feel it's my duty to remember, and my duty to help remind. 


Harp: I rented a harp last week, as some of you may have seen in my instagram stories. I am so in love and I play it everyday. I intend to learn more and more each week. It has been opening up  my heart so wide. I feel like it's in instrument close to my soul. 


Focus/Grounded/Simple/Here: I feel the best lately in the simplicity. In the moment, in nature, in this. I can't really ask for anything else. I feel so enough, and am just grateful in the simple moment. I feel that being here on Earth, roots deep into the core of the Earth is where I need to be. Although I always feel deeply connected to something much bigger, I find I don't need to "go there" to Be there. I can BE there, while BEing here on Earth, and for that, I am so grateful.


Heartspace/REAL: As Always, BEing from my heart. I realize more and more that the truth of ourself comes from the heart. That the deeper we BE from our heart, the realer we are. The more we surrender to our heart, the more authentic our expression is. When we let go of who we think we should we, we make space for our heart to open us up to who we are. I love you all. XO



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