Letting Go of Resistance to Our Real Self and of Trying to Be Anything We Aren't As One of The Biggest Forms of Honour to Spirit


When we can let go of who we think we "should" be we give ourselves the space to surrender into who we actually are. Pain is resistance. Pain is attachment. When we think about shadow work, the pain is only there because we have resistance to having these aspects/qualities apart of us. The pain comes from being attached to the person who we think is "right," and when we see these qualities that are "wrong," we feel like we are bad, or not enough. But in reality, when we can let go of thinking we need to be anything other than what we are, we open up to embodying our most authentic self, our most real self.  Being where we are without any expectations is one of the deepest forms of surrender. The more we 'try' to be what we aren't, the more we resist the truth, resist the REAL self, the more it's like walking backwards, it's against the grain. Just because we 'try' to be something doesn't mean we actually are that. One of the best possible things we can do for our growth is be, love and accept where we are. It is enough. It is more than enough. Right here is better than where you thought you were anywhere. It's real, and what is real is potent, is powerful. 

There is medicine in being innocent, in being soft, in being in a childlike awareness, of not needing to get anywhere, but here. When we come from the heart, we let go of force, we let go of impatience. When we come from the heart there is no "right," or "wrong." If we are coming from the purest possible place in our heart, how could it be wrong? How could it not be right, because it's real. When we radically trust in our heart, in our intuition we will always be enough, always be right, because like I said above, it's REAL. Coming from the heart takes no trying. It's a practice. It's a rememberance. Doubt comes from comparing, it comes from looking outwardly. When we turn our awareness back inwards, we doubt less, because we can FEEL the truth, we can FEEL the real. There is nothing to doubt in the truth, in our truth. Plus when we come from our truth, from not 'trying,' life becomes more of flow, because there is less force. Trying is force, real is flow. Coming from the heart is almost effortless, when we learn how to listen,  feel and trust. 

I say trying is like walking backwards because the more we try to be anything other than ourself, the more resistance we have to being ourself. When we let go of the force, when we surrender, accept and allow ourselves to be who are actually are, not only will we be more fulfilled than we've ever felt, but we will find that what we are, and naturally have is everything we've ever been looking for, and  'trying' to be. It may seem like a paradox, but everything we want to be, we already are. All we need to do is have some patience, let go of the trying, surrender, and BE.

This is the practice. It takes courage, a huge letting go of expectations, a deep look internally, immense patience, a big bow to the sacred, and gratitude everyday. 

To be real, is to honour. To listen and trust ourselves we show Spirit that we care, that we are willing to be the best we can be. That we are willing to actually show up, to actually do THE work. We show Spirit our deep thanks for who we are, because the truth is WE are the gift, beautifully and naturally our real self. When we let go of the resistance to our real self, it's the biggest form of honour to spirit.