Monday Intentions Thirty | Feeling It All

Collage: Mary Herrera 

Collage: Mary Herrera 

Happy Monday everyone! Not going to lie, I  had a challenging week. VERY emotional. So many changes, and I am just adjusting. How about you guys? Challenging too? A big thing I learned this week is to remember not to isolate myself when I am challenged. To ask for help and support if I need it. Also to remember not to define myself by my situation. Life flows. Life is cycles. Ebb and flow. Ebb and flow. To remember that I am ( and we all are ) so connected to the seasons and some seasons affect others harder than others. As I sit with my challenges, I realize that I don't really have resistance to them, I just realize they need to be acknowledged and expressed more than anything. They need to have space held for them, instead of trying to change them right away. So that brings me to my first intention: 


Feeling it All: Feeling it all, allllllll of it. I am so open and sensitive these days. There are so many things coming up. So much shadow staring at me right in the eye. The best thing, and really the only thing I can do right now is be present with it all, feel it all. Surrender to all the feels. Surrender to the lessons, be open enough to receive the lessons in the challenge. To let what needs to die, die. My moon has synced up with the new moon, which is on Thursday, and both new moons, and new menstrual cycles are beginnings, births. Meaning that the period right before either is Death, endings. When I speak of cycles, this is a major cycle women face each month. One that affects us every single day. It's beautiful, but challenging. Ending cycles is not easy, its painful, and I am taking space this week to let this cycle die, to grieve all that needs to be grieved, to feel all that must be felt, and to let it go. Making space for the newness that is obviously on it's way in. 


Creativity: Taking extra time this week to honour my inner child by having innocent creative time. Whether that means painting, dancing, collaging, singing, drumming, whatever. It needs to happen. Creativity is a way to get outside of ourselves, to come into the present moment, to play, to express our soul.  


Adjusting: I know part of the reason I am challenged is because of all the changes in my life. I know that I am just adjusting and need to make sure I am not being too hard on myself. When change happens we need to adjust. It's real. I am so so sensitive and need to remember that it might take me extra time to adjust to changes. To adjust to things that others may need no time at all to adjust to. There can be so much pressure in our world, and that the things that are "normal" should be "easy" for everyone. Well they aren't, and I am learning to be more okay with that everyday. 


Trust: This is a biggie, especially when life throws you curveballs and confusion. Trust, trust, trust, trust. Trusting that this is  what i've been asking for, maybe not in the form I expected it to come in, but that just shows we can't have expectations. 


Showing Up: Showing up no matter what. I commit and vow to show up more and more. To show up in ways that are out of my comfort zone, showing up in all forms. Realizing that the more we show up for spirit, the more Spirit shows up for us. The more we show up to do the work, the more the work, works. 


I am Loved Regardless of How I am Feeling: This is a biggie. Reminding myself, and setting the intention to truly remember that no matter what I am going through, I am still loved and cared for. That just because I may be doing some shadow work, facing some demons, it doesn't mean that I am less than what I am, less than who I am. That I am lovable in every form, and every part of myself. 


Heartspace: As always, going deeper and deeper into my heartspace, trusting in her, listening to her. Showing up for her. 



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