Tuning Inwards

There are many ways to tune inwards. This can be seen as a spiritual practice, meditation, or just an activity that relaxes you. It could be writing, a walk in nature, yoga or painting. It's different for everyone. Whenever I refer to spiritual practice on here, just know that I am referring to your own personal way of tuning inwards. 

This week we've been chatting about Intention. I hope you all have a bit more of an understanding of how the power of intention works. Though I do want to make a point of HOW important it is to go inwards(to our heartspace) to understand our own deepest desires, rather than thinking they are found in our mindspace. 

I am totally not the kind of person that thinks we shouldn't have an ego or mind. I love that we have both heart and ego because I believe in non-duality. That ego and intuition are opposite sides of the same coin, like light and dark. You can not understand one without the other. It really is about balance, and using our inherited gifts the way the are meant to be used. Which this day in age we are so not using out gift of ego in a very balanced way.  Since we live in a society that prizes outer success as extremely valuable over any inner achievements, we have somewhat gotten away from seeing intuition and tuning inwards as a daily practice. Times are a changing though. 

Allowing yourself time each day to journey inside of yourself is a key to setting intentions aligned with your true self. How can you know what you deeply want if you don't ask and listen? This does take practice and diligence. Its about having the desire to have pure desires. By listening to the heartspace, we are taking the path of least resistance. If we fearlessly follow our heart, we will be guided to miracles, divine synchronicities, and true fulfillment. I am paraphrasing Bill Plotkin here when I say Our deepest fulfilment and greatest service to the world are one and the same. We learn this by releasing any layer that does not serve our deeper desires. 

Each day, carve out, and actually schedule time for your own personal inwards practice. See this as more than just a means to feel good, but a way to serve this world, to serve spirit and earth. The world relies on us to tune back in, set intentions that are pure, and create a relationship with life that is conscious and interconnected.