Daily Tea

Tea is a daily ritual for me. If my energy is feeling scattered, and ungrounded I always drink some tea to chill out. When I drink it, it's usually in a ceremonial kind of way. Not traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies, though I am very interested in that, but in my own sacred way. I like to light some sage or sweetgrass, sit in a sacred space inside or outside, and sip on my tea quietly. I just be and breath, sip and feel. 

Here is one of my favourite tea recipes I have steeping on the regular:


1 part fresh ginger

1 part schisandra berry

1 part nettle leaf

1 part mint

1 part red clover blossom


Bring water to a boil

Pour over herbs

Let steep for 10 Minutes

Strain + Enjoy


If you have a tea recipe or practice that you'd like to share comment below.