Conscious Eating

As we continue diving into intentional living, eating and nourishing the body+spirit comes up almost right away. What we put into our bodies is so important, but our state of consciousness about what we are eat is just as, if not more important.  The word consciousness has been buzzing around for a while now, but what does it even mean? I like to compare it to awareness. If you are conscious about something, you are also aware of it. 

When it comes to eating, there are so many aspects to be aware of. Where did my food come from? Does it have pesticides on it? Does it have any animal products in it? If so, how were the animals treated? What did those animals eat? Does this food work with my constitution? Can I digest this? Am I eating this for comfort, or nourishment? Am I eating because I'm bored? Did I prepare my meal with love, or hurry? What is my intention of eating this meal? 

All these questions are necessary at some point of the journey. Our food is our life. We become what we eat so if we are not conscious and intentional of what we are putting into our bodies, we are not taking responsibility for who we are becoming and giving to the world. Our relationship to the food that enters our body is like a relationship with our future self. If we can care, create and choose nourishing, healing foods for ourself than we are consciously choosing to create a sacred future self.

There are foods that help the brain work better, the heart work better, and the lungs function properly. Ever since being on an intentional eating journey, Ive noticed my body working 10x better than it used to. My mind is sharper and more efficient than ever, with no brain fog, and an easier connection to spirit(deep insights). I have connected with the land more since realizing that food grown closer and in season to me will naturally have more nutrients since its so fresh. 

Consciously listening to what foods work for us, and what don't is one of the most healing practices we can do. By truly listening to our body, we give it the space to work at it's most optimal state. There is a lot of fluff our there about what to eat, when to eat, ect. If we take that with a grain a salt, eat whole foods, drink pure water, and allow our body to do the talking, we will learn more than we ever will in a book. There is a lot of different food activism out there that will give you a hard time about what you put into your body, though there intentions are pure, not everybody is built for those diets. Listen to your own body. I can't stress this enough.  I was vegan for four years. It taught me a lot, but as I began listening to my body more, I realized that the diet wasn't 100% working for me, though I am still vegetarian(which works amazingly for me). This is why I stress conscious eating. Awareness of what goes into the body.

Our bodies can be our best friend, or our worst enemy depending on how we treat them. The best part though, is that we can shift it literally at any moment. I can honestly say that becoming a conscious eater has risen my vibration and life quicker than pretty much all other practices of mine, and has opened doors that I didn't even know existed. So I invited you to began your own conscious eating journey. Ask me any questions at all about this lifestyle too.