Hello and Hi Again. I have been planning on diving back into blogging for a while now, but Summer definitely wasn't the time to begin, knowing that Fall would be so much quieter and inwards. With that said Happy Fall, New Moon Blessings, and Hello October! What beautiful transitions we've underwent and are undergoing. Ive been shedding like a snake, honestly, and it's been beautiful, painful, and full of growth, awareness and deep connection. I have come into a new understanding of who I am, what I am here to do, and why I feel called to do it. Which is why I wanted to start the blog with the topic Intention. This whole week we will be on the topic of Intention; what it is, how it works, using it daily, and how it relates to living more in tune with the Earth, and cycles in general. 

Intention has only been consciously apart of my life for about the past three years. Though i've always had intentions, I didn't really pay attention to them, care about them, or realize that they may not be as aligned or as honest as I 'intended'.   What really made me think was a quote I read one day, that I will never forget: "Energy flows, where intention goes." This hit me hard. And it brought up a lot of my shadow side. I was faced with asking myself a lot of big questions that I had to be honest with myself about. I realized that when I am not honest with myself or my intentions, than I am sending energy into building an Emily that I don't necessarily desire to be.  It made me question why do I want thing things I want?  Why do I want to be healthy? Why am I studying this topic? Why am I writing this blog? Ect. 

You would be surprised to see what comes up. If answers that don't align with who you want to be, come up, and especially answers that are more egocentric than spiritual or personal growth based come up, than it is a good sign that you need to re-evaulate your intentions. You will be grateful in the future, for the sooner you shift your intentions, the sooner you will feel a soulful fulfillment. 

I love to begin any journey at all with a set of intentions. I like to tell spirit/universe exactly why I am doing something, even before I begin. This is so for a retreat I may be apart of, a trip that I am going on, or this blog, and even the food I am eating. It is a ritual. And we will get into that more this week. 


My intentions for this blog are many but I will give a few: 

Healing: Holistic Wellness. On all levels. A sacred space to learn, grow, heal, and connect with yourself, spirit, and Earth. 

Interconnection: This blog isn't just about herbalism, and it isn't just about spirit, because that's not just what I am about. I am tuned into many levels of our multidimensional universe and it would go against my whole nature to make a blog that doesn't embrace how mind, body, spirit and soul are all interweaving at all times. One naturally affects the other. 

Earth: The Earth is our Mother. Our true mother, and guide. She and her plant children are our teachers, being here for so much longer than we. This blog will provide practices, rituals and tools to re-connect with your own Earth relationship.

Self: Learning how to listen to the rhythms of your own body, tune into what works for you, and what doesn't. Practices to know your body on multiple levels. 


I am excited to share with you, and I am also curious what you want to learn from me as well. Email me if you have a topic you want me to cover, or if you would like to do a guest post.