Lack Mindset

Most people live in a mindset where they do not believe they have enough. We are taught to constantly think we need more of ourselves, more things, and more money. On top of being taught to always want more, we are not taught how to appreciate what we already have. Our world lives in a lack mindset. A mindset that has no room for satisfaction. An unnatural mindset ingrained in us from birth. 

This mindset leaves us always feeling unfulfilled. It's as if we are in a never ending race, running towards an unreachable destination. Though in a sense, we will never GET THERE, the paradox is that we are ALWAYS there. Like the infamous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson says: "Life is a journey, not a destination." As we integrate this lesson, we can see our lives from a larger perspective and realize how important each stage of our journey is. Though feeling determined to grow as individuals and a collective is very positive, we need also to acknowledge the importance of enjoying the growth journey though each stage, because if not, we miss the beauty (and lessons) in it.

Last weeks post on Permission was our pass to feel enough in all that we are, and today I want to bring awareness to where society might be the cause of some of our untrue un-enoughness (our lack). It is so empowering to challenge our everyday belief systems. Even to become aware of a belief that may not be our own. 

Later this week i'll be writing about how to release lack in our lives, but until then I ask you to tune in and ask yourself where lack lives in your life? Is it not seeing the beauty in yourself right now? Thinking that a certain course, workout, superfood or person will complete you? Or is it around money, as in you hold on so tightly to your money out of fear you'll lose it?  And that is just it, lack is fear. When we can release that our lack is just fear ingrained in us, we can begin to start moving past that fear, and learning to invest our precious energy into trusting in thoughts, decisions and people from a place of love.