Hi friends, thank you for your patience in between my posts. I've been doing a lot of personal shadow work and I've been really present with myself as I go deep into the underworld and face what I need to face. I am finally feeling more like myself, and want to write about a lesson that came through during these times (though there are many).

Equality has come through. So much of our despair, and suffering comes from believing that there are people that are better than us, ahead of us, and ultimately worth more than us. I've been pondering these thoughts a lot myself and observing situations where maybe I put someone on an imaginary pedestal, or maybe I put myself on an imaginary pedestal according to my OWN ideals of what is good and what is not; according to what I believe is better or worse. I know a lot of people do this too, not just myself. 

Let's take a step back and just imagine if everyone did this. Imagine if in each of our imagination's we classified some people as "ahead or better" and than classified some as "behind or worse." By doing this we are only creating our own prisons, inside of the mind, based on our own beliefs of what is good or bad. It isn't divine truth, at all. 

Now let's take another step back and imagine totally re-wiring our brain, and shifting the belief systems around equality. Imagine if our instinctual discernment towards an other was that we see them as an equal, at the deepest core of our and their being. There is a lot of darkness in our world these days, but the darkness is not less than, just a teacher. My mentor says "no one is your enemy, no one is your friend, everyone is your teacher." We all have lessons for each other, and as we head out into the world with the belief we are all equal, we truly all become each other's teachers. 

Writing this is only a reminder for myself, as are all my writings. I just want to make it clear that I write to teach myself too, and these lessons I write about, I am LEARNING. We can learn together; I just enjoy writing my thoughts around my lessons, trusting that these words can help someone else too, and maybe shift perspectives. 

On another note, it feels amazing to be writing on here again, after a two week break. It is kind of like a paradox because this writing makes me feel so amazing, and full, something that would help me dearly when I am feeling so dark and awful like I have the past while, but in the past two weeks I pushed it away, dreaded it, fought it, and ultimately just didn't do it. That's another post though.  

I invite you to ponder your own thoughts on equality, observe your judgements throughout the day, and see where you stand. We can all use improvement in this department, i'm sure. Through seeing others as equals, it makes it that much easier to practice compassion.