So often we feel guilty for taking time to ourselves. Why is it that we find it difficult to give ourselves permission to take a break, to slow down, to be enough, just as is?! These thoughts have been wading through my mind, and the minds of many people I know a lot lately. Though these thoughts seep in once in a while, we must make sure we do not drown in them (because we so easily can). 

The easiest way to release these types of thoughts/feelings is to give ourselves permission to be exactly where we are, and trust that, that is enough. With so much pressure from the media, our peers and family we sometimes forget to step back and give credit for all that we actually DO do. By giving ourselves permission to reflect on where we are, we awaken a beautiful feeling of gratitude for the work that has brought us thus far. If we constantly ignore the call to slow down, to reflect and be enough in this moment, we are showing the universe that we do not have enough time to honour what lessons it has taught us up to now. This can be one big vicious cycle of pushing forward. But without stepping back, staying present, and being enough right now, we are actually not moving forward at all. It is kind of like a paradox; the more we push on without taking breaks to reflect, the more we stay in the same place. 

It is very easy to know when the universe wants us to slow down. It is when we are craving dearly to take some extra time to ourselves, but have an underlying feeling of guilt surrounding it. It's when our soul is aching for fulfillment, but our ego says we must "do the laundry," ect.  We know when we aren't listening. Ultimately, it's why we are feeling guilty in the first place; because we aren't TRULY listening to what our souls deepest desires are. 

SO this is my little permission pass to you, and to me, to let go a little bit. I know most of us have a billion things on the go these days, and I know we all think we need to accomplish each of them to feel successful, but that just ain't the truth. I promise you, if you give yourself permission to do slow down and reflect, without feeling guilty, you feel so successful. You will realize how enough you really are. Here is a beautiful mantra I learned from a friend(say this a few times a day):

I am enough

i have enough

i do enough.