Personal Cycles

We all have our own personal cycle and rhythms. The earth and the moon have their own cycles, as do the seasons, and so on.  Being aware of the cycles within us and without us can aid in knowing when to begin something, when not to, and how to use the energy provided to our benefit. 

Who has gone through a period of darkness and within a fews months or weeks the light has returned. We all go in and out of dark and light. It is a cycle. A teacher of mine reminded me that we wax and wane just like the moon. Hearing this taught me that although darkness will settle in, trust that it wont' last forever, and does serve a purpose. We learn in the darkness, in order to shine our brightest light. 

With the days shortening up, and Earth turning towards the darkness herself we are reminded that we are not alone on this journey.  As above, so below. As within, so without. Fall and Winter are times where many people start feeling down and out. The days are short, the sun is limited, and we are forced to go within. How do you react to this call? Do you avoid it? Do you dive in? What practices help you stay connected to the light at this time of year? Learning how to personally cope, and listening to our own personal cycle can help us stay grounded while we travel the underworld this fall and winter. 

Many of us on the growth path as I like to call it, see darkness as an amazing time to do shadow work. It is a time where we are faced with aspects of ourself that we don't necessarily like to look at that often. Taking time to acknowledge the sides of ourself that we tend to avoid, allows us to release them. Therefore the darker months are basically portals for shedding, and release work. Being objective to the darkness, and looking down on the whole situation can create a better grasp on the purpose it serves. This is where learning our own personal cycle can be beneficial to our healing journey. It allows us to know ourselves deeply, and live consciously and intentionally through each cycle, with trust. 

Take some quiet time and observe what your cycles have been the past few years. Maybe there is a routine. If so, it is a perfect way to harness that energy, and learn what life is trying to teach you. 

Tune in tomorrow where i'm writing about daily rituals to stay connected to our personal cycles.