My Morning Routine

My morning routine shifts with the seasons and sun. I tend to wake up a little later in the winter, and earlier in the summer. In the winter I really like to get into the routine of going for a walk in the morning, and in the summers I love sitting outside and meditating while the sun is waking up too. Yesterday I wrote about daily rituals and how they are really grounding. Today I will write you my exact daily rituals and why they work for me. I encourage each of you to get to know your own body and how it thrives. What time is needs sleep and likes to wake up, and which practices are actually do-able for you on the regular. This is what has been grounding me these days:


630AM Wakeup: My first hour is dedicated to tuning in. 

Small sweetgrass or white sage smudge.

Quiet 10 minute stretches and 15 minute meditation. 

Wash my face and brush me teeth and spritz some rose hydrosol. 

Warm Lemon water with my GLOW tincture. 

Essential Oils in my diffuser (I'm using a mix called Acadian Forest).

Journalling: Write my MIT (most important task(s) of the day), a few affirmations, how I am feeling and small goals. 

730am Breakfast: These days I am eating 2 local eggs made into an omelette, local kale and spinach sautéed, with some avocado. Sometimes i'll have a smoothie, but with the cold weather on its way in I like to add in warmer foods as I have a lot of vatta in me. 

After breakfast I like to go for a bike ride or a walk or something that gets me moving. 

By the time I get home it's usually about 9-930 and I start whatever work I have planned for the day. 


This is just an outline and I make sure I give myself space to flow, which is also very important. Sometimes the universe has something else in store for us and we just need to allow it. I hope this inspires you to create your very own morning routine that works for you and your life. It doesn't even need to be an hour, it can be as short or as long as you like/need.

Comment below if you would like to share what your favourite morning activities are.