Green Juice w/ Zucchini Recipe


This is an old recipe I dug out from an past blog post. I wanted to post it here as inspiration for me, and for you to get some FRESH green juice in before all the local, in season veggies are gone. A few of my favourites to juice now are Zucchini, Kale, and Apples(since I have so many growing in my back yard.) I really try to use all organic in my juices. It kind of takes away from the point if it's loaded my pesticides really. 


Makes 5 Cups

3 cups of fresh kale

1 half of very large zucchini

1 large cucumber

5 stalks of celery

1 lemon

4 organic apples

1 inch of ginger


Cut up everything into quarters, juice, and strain. I like to strain my juice just incase one of the items didn't fully juice and some of its fibres make its way into the juice. 




~Faster and more efficient absorption of nutrients

~Easy access to many health benefits for those who find it hard to eat a lot of veggies and fruits

~Consume double or triple the amount of fruits and veggies in a day

~A doorway into eating health consciously

~Add many different vegetables and fruits to diet, even if you don't enjoy their taste. Usually the "bad" taste can be balance with another fruit or veg.

~Boosts immune system; ginger, lemons and beets.

~Increases energy


~ My focus is on green or veggie juice with the addition of fruit. Pure fruit juice is too high in sugar, even if it is "natural." Our blood sugar levels will still rise high with a big fresh fruit juice. It takes our body so much work to find a balanced state of blood sugar levels and I'd rather not mess with my bodies natural flow. A veggie juice on the other hand with some lemon, green apple is a way better choice. You still get the sweetness from some fruit, but defiantly not an overload. Here are some awesome veggies to add to your juice:






~Green or Red Peppers






..and so many more. It is fun to just get creative with it. Sometimes when veggies are about to go bad, I just whip up a huge juice, and I am ready to go.