Scheduling Inspiration

This week I had a major reminder. Lately I've been pushing myself to get a lot done, and through that push I haven't been as fulfilled as I normally am, and there was a big resistance to actually getting the tasks I "wanted" to get done, done.  It was a bit of a viscous cycle for about a week and a half where I felt busy, and unproductive at the same time. 

This week I had an aha moment, where I realized I wasn't giving myself enough time to find my inspiration, to accomplish my tasks with grace. Rather I was purely focussing on the execution of the tasks instead of finding my inspiration, through doing what I actually wanted to do, and allowing the tasks to be completed in a flow. I am usually very good with staying in that flow, staying inspired, but this past week, not so much. 

Almost all the flowers are gone, especially the wild ones. I am adjusting to this. A huge part of my life is going out and gathering medicines daily. Not a lot everyday, but something. This source of deep fulfillment has been majorly lacking in my life, though i've been outside and hiking daily, it is just not the same. There are still lots of medicinal plants out there, but not the ones that call to me at this moment. So with all that said, I am learning to adjust into a more winter mode, and find my inspiration elsewhere. 

This realization reminded me that it is so important to give ourselves the space to go through these shifts. It reminded me that while living an artistic life it is mandatory to schedule in the things, places, people, and experiences that provide us with the inspiration that keeps us committed to our mission, our work, our art, and expression. I know we can all use this reminder sometimes. It's like a reset. Coming back to the why, instead of getting lost in the doing. 

These days, my inspiration has been coming through reading, contemplation, and the Earths ever shifting cycles. Though the flowers aren't here to comfort me, I have the trees, the ocean waves, and the book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer, who I feel is speaking my language. I basically cry after every chapter because her lessons are so powerful.

I am apart of all of this. And so are you. That is my biggest source of inspiration.