Align with the Soul, Heal the Earth

In order to heal the earth, we need to heal our relationship with ourselves, and therefore our relationship with the earth too. In society these days there is a widely accepted delusion among most people that we are separate from Nature. This could not be farther from the truth. The land, plants, soil, sun and water is the language of our soul. We are children of this sacred life, our Earth, our Mother. She nurtures our lives, provides us food, medicine, water and fresh air. It is sad to believe that so many people these days do not, and care not remember that. 

To form a caring relationship with the Earth, we must initiate and nurture a caring relationship with ourselves(soul) first. How can we expect others to care for an Earth that they feel no connection to? When we can re-connect with ourselves and our soul, and tune into our feeling worlds, there is this instinctual truth that emerges that we are absolutely, no doubt interconnected with everything around us. This feeling/truth is what makes earth activists do what they do, it is what keeps me eager to heal myself, and others, and I know this is the feeling that reminds us to take responsibility on all levels for what we do for and to this world. This feeling, if activated in the mass, can heal the world. This is the language I am talking about. When we align with our soul, we begin to hear the world through our feeling senses, we see the Earth through our experience of her aliveness. Sometimes these experiences come before we connect with our soul, but it is these experiences that connect us with our soul. 

Seeing the connection? We can not be connected with our soul, without caring deeply for the Earth. We can not care deeply for the Earth, without realizing the interconnection between our soul and nature:


"Given that the human soul is the very core of our human nature,

we might note that, when we are guided by soul, we are guided by nature.

Both soul and greater nature do guide us in our individual development,

whether or not we ask for this guidance."

Bill Plotkin


We are all connected to the Earth, or we wouldn't be here. We are the Earth, and she is us. There are so many ways to honour and nurture this connection. It comes back to intention, like everything. Like I mentioned in my one of first posts on Intention , intention is awareness. When we become aware of our deep connection with Earth, and therefore soul, our lives can shift drastically. Everything begins to matter more: The food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath. Every we choice we make effects the whole. If it didn't we wouldn't be here.