I am only new to fasting. Just having done it a few times a year for the past two years. I was a little bit weary about it at first thinking how hungry and angry I would be. But it was the total opposite. I wrote a post last year about The Art of Fasting , where I talk about a five day fast I was doing then. But since we are the topic of cleansing and shedding this week, I couldn't not touch on fasting.

When I fast, I usually juice fast. I will do a pure water fast someday, but not until I really feel called to. These days juice is really doing it for me. It is fun experimenting with different recipes, and still having three "daily meals," or more.  I think juice fasting is the best way to begin fasting for the first time. You can have as many juices as you feel called to, but I would recommend that most of them have at least half veggie juice so you're blood sugar doesn't skyrocket. 

It is important to spend a lot of time in nature during fasts. We are sensitive beings, and I know most of you reading this blog are probably empaths, who pick up easily on others energy. But really, we are all empaths, especially when we fast. We are a lot more open and receptive when we fast, so it is best we use this time for insight and contemplation rather than picking up other not so healing energies. With this extra openness I find our higher self is accessed very easily with deep clarity at our fingertips. All we have to do is ask. This can be a time where life changing revelations will come through, and intense moments of connection. I had a tea bag on one fast I did that said: "Empty yourself, and allow the universe to fill you up."   I found this to be very on point. 

Like I mentioned on Tuesdays post Cleansing Foods and Herbs that we lighten up on multiple levels when we cleanse, fasting is one of the best ways to accomplish this. When we stop eating for a few days, our digestive system actually gets a break. Which never ever happens. Our digestive system has so many emotions held within it, so when we give it a rest, we have a chance to file through some of those feelings that may be stuck down there. This can be extremely healing and liberating. This is the kind of lightening up I am talking about. I find that though when I fast I am not "full", but I am usually very FULLfilled on so many levels, and actually have more energy than you'd imagine. Mind you, I do not exercise, or work during fasts. I take this time very slow, and easy going. If you try to work and push your body through its regular kind of day without the proper nourishment, you can expect to be drained. Some people do this to keep their mind busy, but believe me, it is so beautiful to allow your mind to slow down during these times, alongside your body, and inner systems. This is the only way to gain the true insight of the emptiness. 

In the near future I will be hosting an online fast where we can all support each other along the way. I believe that each of you has the power to do a 1, 2, 3 to 7 day fast. It really is mind over matter. I take these times as a chance to REALLY practice positive thinking, and true believing in myself. The moment we stop believing we can do the fast, is the moment we give up. It works so much better, with a positive mindset, and the confidence, trust and excitement that we can do it!