Journaling to Release

Back in my Creating Healthy Habits post I mentioned how journalling is a really great habit to get into. I honestly can not stress how much journalling has changed my life. There is rarely a day goes by that I don't whip out the journal at some point to jot a thought, or idea down. By journalling out my thoughts, confusions, and insecurities, I somewhat became my own counsellor, or life coach. I write out my biggest dreams and fears, I jot down my goals, full moon intentions, and poetry. I journal about what I am going through personally, how I can help people with what their going through, and also my thoughts on healing in general. I have become my own teacher, healer and guide. 

By journalling we are connecting with our higher self. I like to imagine when I am writing (especially if it's about something I am going through) that it is my higher self, who I actually picture as ME, as a mother to ME now. So basically, I am imagining that Emily now is the child of Older Emily, And Older Emily is the Mother of Emily now. Older Emily is my higher self/mother/wise one self that I ask questions to.  This has been so powerful for me because it doesn't make it seem as if my higher self is a far away unknown figure. It is literally ME. And we already ARE our higher selves, and she/he/they are so much closer than we imagine. The answers and insights that come through are so beautiful, healing, and and exactly what we are supposed to hear. 

We can release so much pent up emotion through journalling about it. Even just by writing a few words down on the paper we are allowing the built up emotions out of our body. Emotions that are not released or expressed literally cause disease. The feelings usually get suppressed within the body somewhere, and therefore begin to cause pain. Journalling also can bring up these emotions when we begin writing about them. This is good. Allowing ourself to feel these older suppressed feelings can hurt, make us angry but ultimately is the best way to let go of them. Just like I said in my previous post on Cleansing Herbs and Foods about lightening up, same goes for releasing emotions. We really begin to lighten up spiritually, physically, and on all levels. 

I know even the idea of journalling came be intimidating for some of you but honestly I will say it isn't that hard. Here are a few easy steps get into the journalling zone:


Pick a safe, quiet space. I like journalling in my room or in nature.

Light some Sage or  Sweetgrass and Smudge.

Call in YOUR higher self.

Feel into this energy, feel how nurturing and unconditional loving this being is.

Now ask guidance from your higher self:

~(What is my next step I need to take, How can I let go of this habit, What foods work for my body, do I need to move, or even just tell me what I need to know).

~Now, just write. Allow your mind to step aside. Do not be afraid of what comes out, no one has to see it except you.


The wisdom you have within you is vast, beautiful and so sacred. We all have this power. We all can tap into the healing words and energy of the universe, of creator, of our higher selves. It isn't hard, and only becomes easier with practice. It is a beautiful journey, and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised with some of the answers and insights you share with yourself. Happy Journalling!